20 Amazing Places for a Momcation

Megan Zander | Feb 28, 2019 Being a Mom
20 Amazing Places for a Momcation
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best places for momcation

Sometimes, when I'm in the laundry room sorting colors and folding socks, I find myself daydreaming of being on a warm beach somewhere, a fruity umbrella drink in hand. The warm, fresh-from-the-dryer towels remind me of sun-kissed sand, and the ocean breeze-scented dryer sheets make me want to believe that I'm only a few steps away from dipping my toes in the cool water. These daydreams never last long. It's only a matter of time before one of the kids comes in to ask for a snack or complain about something his brother did. But for just a minute, I imagine what it would be like to press pause on this parenting gig and take a little break, maybe with a mom buddy or two. 

After asking some friends, it turns out I'm not alone in my momcation daydreams of wanting a few days without having to pour milk for anyone. But what's even better news is turning these fantasies into realities -- as in actually taking a couple days off from mom duty -- is actually good for us, and for our kids.

Now that we have our prescription to take time for family-free rest and relaxation with zero guilt about it, the hardest part about taking a momcation is deciding where to jet off to with the rest of the squad.

Because we know busy moms don't have a ton of time to waste, we've rounded up 20 amazing places to stay on a momcation. Pick one and start planning now, so that those momcation dreams can actually happen -- unlike those matching tattoos the squad has been talking about for years.

From wellness retreats to help moms unlock their inner Zen, to action-packed weekends in big cities, there's a momcation to recharge everyone's batteries. Start planning a momcation adventure now, and remember, it's doctor recommended!

  • Craft House


    Round up the old pledge class for a trip to Newton, Kansas, and enjoy a weekend at Craft House. This five bedroom house sleeps up to 16 and is a craft lover's dream come to life. Relive the glory days of making 200 goodie bags for Spring Rush, or just enjoy working on a project without the fear of tiny hands coming along to "help." 

  • Dollywood


    For the mom who refers to her morning coffee as a "cup of ambition," Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is an obvious choice for a getaway with the girls. It's strictly a road trip only though, since singing all of Dolly's hits at top volume on the way down is a necessary part of the experience. 

  • Adirondacks


    Fall makes us want to bust out our boots, grab a cup of warm cider, and stroll through a pumpkin patch admiring the gorgeous leaves. Which we could totally do, if we didn't have the kids with us complaining that they're tired, bored, and hungry! Grab the ladies for a weekend in the Adirondacks and live out every #basic fall fantasy that exists, sans temper tantrums. 

  • NYC

    best places for a momcation

    We've never too old to have our Carrie Bradshaw moment. Decide who's going to be Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha for the weekend and head to the city that never sleeps for a weekend of shopping, brunch, and a Broadway show. It's the fabulous weekend we need to recharge our batteries. 

  • Rage Yoga Retreat


    If a squad night out always includes some choice four-letter words, a weekend of Rage Yoga together might be exactly what everyone needs to unwind. This year's five-day retreat is in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. It's a great alternative way to flex those yoga muscles without going the full gongs and soothing music route. 

  • Las Vegas

    best places for momcation

    Las Vegas isn't just for bachelorette parties and spring break. With amazing shows, tons of shopping, and everything anyone could ever want to eat, it's like a wild, adult version of Disney that a busy mom totally deserves. And who knows, maybe someone in the group will hit the jackpot -- drinks on them!

  • Blackberry Farm


    For the friend group that can't decide between a spa weekend or an outdoorsy romp away, Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, is the perfect compromise. Watch the sunrise over the Smoky Mountains before heading in for a spa, or pack up for a hike before a cooking demonstration. Everyone can find their own bliss. 

  • Hotel Nikko, San Francisco


    San Francisco is a great place to spend a couple of nights shopping, eating, and catching up with friends without the kids and partners in tow. But what makes Hotel Nikko the best part of a stop in this city is Buster Posey Presutti, the hotel's resident dog who meets and play with guests as part of his therapy dog duties. A dog to snuggle but that we don't have to clean up after? Sounds like a weekend in heaven. 

  • Melt Spa


    Hershey, Pennsylvania, isn't just for summer roller-coaster rides with the fam. Leave the kids at home and grab the ladies for a weekend filled with treatments at Melt Spa. Delights like chocolate and champagne facials and dark chocolate dipped strawberry body treatments offer decadent ways to unwind. 

  • A Treehouse

    best places for a momcation

    If a weekend alone with nothing to do and no one to talk to but a long-time bestie sounds like the perfect trip, embrace that inner child and rent a treehouse. There are tons of whimsical options out there, like this beautiful spot for two in Atlanta or this one with room for four in southern Oregon. 

  • A Cruise

    best places for momcation

    A weekend cruise makes for an easy momcation. Let the crystal blue water and great conversations with good friends melt away stress while relaxing in the pool or just lounging without worrying what the kids are up to. Plus, food and entertainment are included, so there's no mom guilt about spending the kids' college money when ordering a yummy dinner. 

  • New Life Hiking Spa


    If the squad loves nothing more than getting sweaty together, or if everyone's looking for some time to reflect and ponder the next step, New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont, makes a great weekend away. This wellness retreat offers daily fitness classes, spa services and hikes for all levels of climbers. 

  • Washington, D.C.

    best places for momcation
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    Unleash those inner nerds with a trip to the nation's capital. Rather than plead with the kids to show an interest in American history, take the time to explore the free museums (and actually get to read the signs for a change!). Grab a fancy meal, and take a long walk around the Mall without having to push a stroller. 

  • A Reading Retreat


    For the moms who grab their book at the end of a long day, only to fall asleep before finishing a single chapter, the idea of a weekend devoted to reading sounds like a slice of paradise. Biblio Ventures organizes three-day reading retreats throughout the Midwest, where guests can read alone while still feeling like part of a group experience 

  • White Lotus Yoga Retreat


    If the crew's idea of a momcation is a Zen-filled weekend of yoga and self-reflection, White Lotus Yoga in Santa Barbara, California, is the place to be. Everyone will come home calmer, more peaceful, and (hopefully) more flexible. Plus, they have yurts to sleep in, which is wicked cool all on its own. 

  • Salem, Massachusetts

    best places for a momcation

    If drinks with the squad often includes a conversation about how good the movie The Craft was, clearly the team needs to plan a getaway to Salem, Massachusetts. Visit historical sites to see how the real witch trials went down, then grab some wine and head back to the hotel for a round of Light as a feather, stiff as a board. 

  • Horse Retreat


    The Academy for Coaching with Horses in Tombstone, Arizona, offers small, intimate retreats to give guests time to let go of their everyday stresses and deepen their relationship with these majestic creatures. It's a fun way to improve riding skills while learning more about these animals, and ourselves. 

  • Nashville

    best places for a momcation

    If the days of taking off for a weekend at Coachella are forever in the past, try Nashville, Tennessee, for a music-filled break from the family with friends that has the energy of a music festival without the drunken nonsense. Music City is the place to be for fantastic live music, strolling through shops, tons of great food, and of course, a glass of bourbon with friends. 

  • Castle Hotel and Spa


    Moms who work as hard as we do don't just deserve a couple of nights away. We should be treated like queens for all that we do. A royal title might not be possible, but a trip to the breathtaking Castle Hotel and Spa in Terrytown, New York, definitely helps. Massage and room service anyone? 

  • New Orleans

    best places for a momcation

    Don't let the fear of topless women wearing beads take New Orleans off the list for a great momcation. Outside of Mardi Gras season, the city of jazz is a beautiful place to soak up the sights of amazing buildings, hear awesome live music, and eat piles of sweet, fluffy beignets with some close friends. 

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