20 Amazing Places for a Momcation

Megan Zander | Feb 28, 2019 Being a Mom
20 Amazing Places for a Momcation
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best places for momcation

Sometimes, when I'm in the laundry room sorting colors and folding socks, I find myself daydreaming of being on a warm beach somewhere, a fruity umbrella drink in hand. The warm, fresh-from-the-dryer towels remind me of sun-kissed sand, and the ocean breeze-scented dryer sheets make me want to believe that I'm only a few steps away from dipping my toes in the cool water. These daydreams never last long. It's only a matter of time before one of the kids comes in to ask for a snack or complain about something his brother did. But for just a minute, I imagine what it would be like to press pause on this parenting gig and take a little break, maybe with a mom buddy or two. 

After asking some friends, it turns out I'm not alone in my momcation daydreams of wanting a few days without having to pour milk for anyone. But what's even better news is turning these fantasies into realities -- as in actually taking a couple days off from mom duty -- is actually good for us, and for our kids.

Now that we have our prescription to take time for family-free rest and relaxation with zero guilt about it, the hardest part about taking a momcation is deciding where to jet off to with the rest of the squad.

Because we know busy moms don't have a ton of time to waste, we've rounded up 20 amazing places to stay on a momcation. Pick one and start planning now, so that those momcation dreams can actually happen -- unlike those matching tattoos the squad has been talking about for years.

From wellness retreats to help moms unlock their inner Zen, to action-packed weekends in big cities, there's a momcation to recharge everyone's batteries. Start planning a momcation adventure now, and remember, it's doctor recommended!