MIL Tasked With Taking Photos At Baby's First Birthday Crops Mom Out of Every Single Pic


baby's first birthday

A mom is livid after her mother-in-law took away her chance to preserve precious family memories on a big day in her daughter's life. The anonymous mom explained that her MIL purposely cropped her out of EVERY photo she took at her daughter's first birthday party, even though the mom's husband tried to call her out on it while the party was going on. Frustrated, the mom is now venting to other people online about this aggravating (and passive-aggressive) problem.

  • She threw her daughter a birthday party over the weekend, but thanks to her MIL you'd never know she was there. 

    The mom shared on Reddit that because she was so busy being the host of the party, she asked her mother and her MIL to "make sure they got plenty of pictures to share with me later for my daughter’s memory book." The woman's mother did a pretty good job at getting good photos, but her MIL's photos were lacking. "I am cut out of EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that my MIL took," she explained. "So much so that if I was on the right side of the photo there’s even more room on the left side specifically to avoid having me in the shot."

    Reduced to just an elbow in the frame, the mom could even tell during the party that her MIL was an unreliable photographer and her husband tried to stop it.

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  • The mom also tried to call her MIL out when she sent over the photos from the party, but this too ended with a frustrating response.

    If you ask us, the mom was impressively polite when she responded to her MIL's photos. “Oh wow those are cute!" she wrote. "I wish I was in some ... I noticed I am cut out of all your pictures :("But instead of apologizing for the "mistake," her MIL didn't acknowledge her actions and instead tried to play off one of the photos her husband took as her own. 

    This time the mom wasn't so coy in her response. "I replied “thanks -- so glad [FIL] took one." But in reality, the damage had already been done. "I'M FUMING!!!!!!" she vented.

  • People were SO, so angry at this MIL's dirty deceit. 

  • One person wrote that the mom should make sure her MIL isn't at her daughter's next birthday party.

  • Someone else recommended that the mom give her MIL a taste of her own medicine.

  • And a third person tried to convince the mom that her MIL was gaslighting her -- hard.

    Later in the thread, the mom admitted that this wasn't the first time she's gotten the crop by her MIL either. "It was like this at our wedding too," the mom wrote to one commenter. "She dictated every picture -- hubby with sister, hubby with dad, hubby with her (and her clinging on to his arm for dear life), hubby with her and sister and dad etc .... I just stood on the side watching ... then Christmas rolled around and she wanted a photo of us with her and father-in-law and sister-in-law and I told her we didn’t have any -- her response was “why wouldn’t the photographer take that?!”

  • But surprisingly, the one person who came to her MIL's defense was the mom herself.

  • First the mom backtracked and said she wasn't "100 percent convinced" that her MIL did it on purpose.

    How could she even see her DIL when she had her precious babies (aka her son and her grandchild) in her eyes? the mom argued.

  • And the mom said that she doesn't think her MIL will pull this stunt again.

    Though she did say she hopes her mother-in-law will "suffer a little over this" because she needs to be held accountable for being inconsiderate.

  • In the end, the mom did the right thing and flat-out asked her MIL if she realized she was cropping her out of photos.

  • To which the grandmother responded that she had not realized her mistake and "will watch that in the future."

    Who knows if this grandmother has really learned her lesson, but if mom is happy, then that's good enough!