20 Viral Parenting Memes So Relatable We Wondered If Someone Was Spying On Us

Stacy Lenz | Jan 28, 2019 Being a Mom
20 Viral Parenting Memes So Relatable We Wondered If Someone Was Spying On Us
Image: m-imagephotography/iStock.com


Being a parent is a joy that truly changes the whole essence of one’s being. Each day is a truly wonderful gift and magical journey bestowing you with endless love and compassion and … Okay, now that we have chased off the childless people who just showed up looking for memes, we can get real. Even though every thing we previously said is absolutely, 100 percent true, now that it’s just us we can admit that sometimes it is also not true. For every time we are blessed with seeing the wonder on our child’s face as she learns a new skill, there is another time when we are blessed with a sneeze right in our face as we catch another daycare cold. For every time our heart swells with love at picking out teeny tiny toddler shoes, there is also another time where there is heart-stopping (and ear-puncturing) screeching about getting said shoes on little feet to get out the door.

Of course we wouldn’t trade the stuffed noses and shoe-screeching for anything, but sometimes commiseration with other like-minded (and by that we mean sleep-deprived) individuals is needed, specifically laughing while scrolling through our phones, hiding in the bathroom as a very small hand tries to reach under the door. Below are memes so accurate you know they were created by other parents or at least people with surveillance cameras in our homes. (FBI, is that you?) Sometimes a parent just has to laugh, mainly because crying is the only other option -- that or packing a bag and running off into the night screaming the lyrics to the Baby Shark song.

Hopefully, these memes about the shared parenting experience will take the edge off hearing doo doo doo doo doo doo repeated all day, every day, but not promises. One last note before bathroom-hiding phone time: Please be careful not to share these memes with the childless people from before. We don’t want to scare them away from having children; we need more parent-friends, after all.

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