20 Photos That Prove Big Brothers Are the Best 

Megan Zander | Jan 23, 2019 Being a Mom
20 Photos That Prove Big Brothers Are the Best 

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Having a big brother is the absolute best. Sure, sometimes they tease, tickle, or steal the last cookie. But for the most part, having a big brother means knowing there's always someone to count on, someone who will come to the rescue as a shoulder to cry on one minute and doing something ridiculous just to make us laugh the next. We can't imagine what life would be like without them (Seriously, they were here before us so we literally can't remember a life without them). And why would we ever want to?

A big brother is one part protector and one part best friend. He might be the person that teases us the most, but he'll also be our biggest defender if someone else tries to bully us. After all, no one can say anything bad about us unless it's him, right?

As children, a big brother is the person we look to for advice on everything. They teach us important life lessons, such as how to get out of eating vegetables at dinner time, the best way to get Mom to say, "Yes," and the magical secret code that unlocks dad's iPad. 

Even as we get older, we still need our big brothers to show us the way. Their sense of style and opinions on everything from music to clothes is how we decide what's cool. They do the hard work of forging a teen-sized path with our parents, so by the time we get there, all the hard decisions about when we can date and how late curfew should be have already been settled. 

Here are 20 photos of amazing big brothers in action to remind us how great it is to have one.

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