This Is What All Moms Are Really Like, According to 1 Brave (& Hysterical) Man

Trey Kennedy
Facebook/Trey Kennedy

It's no secret that most moms tend to have their special *quirks* -- such as repeating themselves a million times a day. But to be fair, most of the time that we're nagging, stressed out, or having to get serious, it's because of our crazy kids! Just take it from one funny guy online, who hilariously spoofs "mom mode" and nailed what most of us our guilty of sounding like when our mothers come out. 

  • In the video, comedian Trey Kennedy pokes fun at the things that most mamas are guilty of saying and perfects the universal "mom" delivery. 

    Posted on December 27, the video has quickly racked up 3.7 million views. And it's easy to see why. Kennedy portrays moms at their mom-iest, such as when Hoda Kotb does the latest dance craze on The Today Show and mom just needs her kids to show her how to do it. Or when mom goes into the kitchen and finds SO many cups sitting by the sink. Come on, kids! How many cups do you honestly need??

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  • Not to mention, the few choice words that moms have to say about their husbands.

    As Kennedy shows in the video, Dad never seems to be able to find anything without help (it's right there for heaven's sake!) and as Kennedy says, Dad's snoring often sounds like "a cat choking on a spoon."

  • In the end, this hysterical video is something both moms and kids can laugh at together.

    Moms, it's good to laugh at ourselves every once in a while. Even if you don't see the similarities, your kiddo or partner just might!  

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