Mother-in-Law Convinces Grandkids Their Parents Died While Away On a Trip & Mom is Seething



A mom is steaming mad after her mother-in-law told a lie to her kids that pretty much everyone agrees is completely unforgivable. According to a thread on Reddit, the mom and her husband had to make an emergency trip and needed to leave her kids with her MIL. While she and her husband were away, Grandma lied to the kids and told them their parents were never coming back for them ... because they died. 

Now the mom is sharing her story, and it is a wild ride from start to finish.

  • The drama started when the mom and her husband had to go to visit a friend whose husband was killed in a car accident.

    In her post, user JustNoThrow1990 explained that once they received the call that her husband's friend died, they needed to travel out of state for the funeral and help his wife. This also meant that they needed a last-minute babysitter for their 9-year-old son and 4-year-old triplet daughters. 

    "Initially it didn’t seem like a bad idea," she added. "[Brother-in-law] and [Sister-in-Law] would be there for 1 week visiting MIL with their two kiddos (6-years-old & 3-years-old), and then [Aunt-in-Law] would be there." Which was a plus for the mom because she didn't trust her MIL to be alone with her kids after she lied to them that their mother was pregnant and having "fertility issues."

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  • After clearly setting some boundaries, the mom left for her trip hoping things would go smoothly.

    JustNoThrow said that before she left she had a heart-to-heart with her MIL because "I didn’t want her taking anything out on our kiddos while we were gone." Her MIL apologized and JustNoThrow left thinking that things might just turn out to be fine after all. 

    "The first few days are great, MIL sends us updates, the kids are playing with their cousins, all is well," she continued. Little did she know how seriously things would change once her BIL and SIL left their visit early, leaving her kids completely alone with their grandmother.

  • After her in-laws left, the mom wrote that she stopped getting regular updates and then another family member contacted her with some disturbing news.

    Preoccupied with tending to her grieving friend, the mom wrote that "didn’t think much" of the fact that she wasn't receiving photos or speaking with her kids on the phone. It was only when her aunt-in-law called her "absolutely furious"  three days before they were meant to come home that the mom thought anything was amiss.

    "She can’t even describe what had happened, and just said I had to Skype her right then and there," JustNoThrow wrote. Once the two connected through the app, the mom could see that all of her kids were "red faced and teary eyed" in the backseat. 

    And that's when JustNoThrow learned the shocking truth, "After BIL & SIL left, MIL decided to tell the kiddos that we had passed away."

  • Completely p*ssed at her MIL for this big, fat lie, the mom wrote that she now wants to completely cut her out of their lives.

    The kids ended up spending the rest of the trip with JustNoThrow's aunt-in-law, but that didn't mean that she was done being angry. "I told [Dear Husband], and let him know that we would be cutting his mother out, or we would be getting a divorce," the mom explained. "He’s in full agreement on cutting her out."

    "My heart is breaking underneath this seething rage I have. I want to hurt her, like she hurt my children. I want her to suffer," she added. 

    Now the mom is looking for advice on how to expertly cut her MIL out of their lives. And boy did the Internet have some answers.

  • People were absolutely flabbergasted by this story.

    Why would her MIL ever, ever think this was OK?

  • "Oh HELL no," one person commented.

  • "How did she think this was going to end?" one person wondered.

    Eventually JustNoThrow and her husband were going to have to return from their trip, so how would her MIL explain that to her kids?!

  • And someone else commented that the mom needed to tell her kids the truth about their grandmother.

  • Though there were a few people who thought there might be a reasonable explanation for what happened.

    Some people suggested that perhaps JustNoThrow's MIL was suffering from dementia.

  • One person wrote that people with dementia exhibit "bizarre and often inappropriate behavior."

    Memory loss and "changes in judgment or decision-making" are signs of dementia according to the Alzheimer's AssociationBut that doesn't necessarily help the situation.

  • And someone else agreed that there was a chance that her MIL was "not in her right mind."

  • Ultimately the mom and her family decided to get her MIL checked out.

    In a follow-up post, JustNoThrow wrote that doctors "did basic tests, and did a CT to rule anything out. Everything came back clear -- she’s healthy as a horse for her age."

    So why in the world did her MIL tell her kids that they had died?!To get back at JustNoThrow for being upset with her. The revenge was the result of "something along the lines of 'making her look like a fool to her friends' when we shut down her baby/pregnancy/infertility claims," the mom wrote.

  • She also added that she and her husband have decided to cut off all contact.

    Which is completely understandable.