Mom's Confession About Loving Her Second Child as Much as Her First Is as Real as It Gets

Louise Pentland

Everyone expects you to be a pro by the time you're ready for baby number two, but the truth is that many moms feel just as many nerves for their second pregnancy as they did with their first. That is why people are applauding mommy vlogger Louise Pentland after she admitted that not only was she scared to grow her little brood, she was nervous that she wouldn't love her second daughter as much as her first.

  • The mom shared her confessional post on Instagram, where she admitted that she wasn't sure if she would have enough room in her heart for baby #2.

    The mom, who has 7-year-old daughter Darcy and her now 11-month-old Pearl, explained that last year before Pearl was born "I was really anxious that I wouldn’t be able to love Pearl the same way I love Darcy, who feels just so so special to me."

    But despite this concerning feeling, Louise wrote that she "didn’t want to talk about that much because I felt pregnant women were supposed to instantly gush with love for their growing babe and I was still fearful."

    Of course, once her second baby was born, Louise realized that she was completely wrong about her capacity to love. 

    "Thankfully, a mother’s heart is pretty cool because it doesn’t [halve] with a new child but doubles instead."

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  • In the comments women were touched by Louise's honesty. They too had doubts about how much they could love their second babies.

  • One expectant mom wrote that this is her EXACT worry "after just having my son as my world for 6 years!"

  • And another woman wrote that she was afraid to even admit that she did not love her pregnancy and that her love for her daughter needed to grow.

  • One mom said that it's taken a little time to accept her second child as part of her "team," but she's trying to have patience.

    For many, many women the fear of being mommy shamed for not feeling the "right" way about their pregnancy is a big source of anxiety and fear. But no one should feel bad if she is nervous about how she'll change as she grow her family. Or as Louise aptly put it at the end of her post, "it’s ok to be scared sh*tless that you might be a crap mum, your heart will surprise you."

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