MIL's Creepy Gift for Her Grandkid Crosses Every Line Imaginable & Is Seriously Messed Up



A mom on the Internet is at her wit's end with her mother-in-law after she pulled a stunt that  truly freaked her out and goes beyond the typical family drama. According to the seriously creeped-out mom, her MIL has the habit of trying to act more like a parent than a grandparent to her kids. Sure that's annoying, but this turned serious when mom discovered a "special" bedtime story that her MIL was reading her daughter. Now, she's spooked to the point that she's actually wondering if her MIL is hoping that she and her husband will die.

  • According to the mom, her MIL has a history of "playing house" with her kids.

    Sometimes the lines between parent and grandparent do get blurry, but for one mom who wrote in to the Dear Prudence advice column, family vacation really tested the limit of her boundaries. In the post, which was originally shared in 2015 but has since gone viral again because of its insanity, she wrote that not only was her MIL treating her kids like they were her children, "she is very interfering, judgmental, and disrespectful to me and my husband."

    No one likes to feel disrespected, but in a visit that followed the trip, things got even worse when her MIL brought her 5-year-old daughter a book with the last two pages ripped out and made up a very strange ending. "The book was about a girl who visits her grandmother for the summer every year; my MIL wrote an ending with my daughter that said the girl’s parents died and she got to live with her grandmother forever," she wrote. "It was written like a happy ending!"

    She and her husband tried confronting her MIL about it, but things didn't end well. "She blamed our 5-year-old saying it was all her idea. I am so upset I can’t even look at this woman; and now she is suggesting we get together again next month to go camping," she wrote. "What should we do?"

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  • Many people responded to the column, saying that this doesn't seem like normal grandparent behavior.

    "If my MIL was so anxious that me and my spouse die so she can have our kids, I would make sure in my will under no circumstance that she have custody of the children and name someone more sane to take care of them -- and they would know why they were chosen instead of their grandmother," wrote one person. "She sounds like the MIL has issues to say the least."

  • "Did Granny's book ending feature a candy house and a big, big oven?" wrote somebody else.

    "That MIL who re-wrote the children's book for the 'happy orphans' ending is downright creepy! I'd be a little afraid to have her in the house," another person added.

  • There were a few people who did try to find a valid reason why grandma would come up with such a twisted tale. 

    "[Grandma] mentioned it was the granddaughter's idea [...]  It's possible the little girl has a fear her parents will die and maybe grandma somehow thought this was a good way to help ease her fears.  At the least, that explanation helps me sleep better at night," one person wrote.

    And another person commented that it was "Scary MIL might be telling the truth that the child came up with the new ending to the story. However, she should not have taken the idea and ran with it."

    But another person pointed out that if the OP's mother-in-law WAS telling the truth it would be "possibly even creepier -- that a little girl would wish her parents were dead."

  • In the end, though, columnist Emily Yoffe said it best: "Thank you for this entry in the 'worst mother-in-law of the year' contest."

    "Interfering, judgmental, and disrespectful mothers-in-law are common complaints," she wrote in her response. "But it takes a certain kind of genius to come up with the idea of ripping out the final pages of a children’s book and writing the happy ending about becoming an orphan so that one can live with Grammy forever!"