40 Kid Keepsakes That Won't Create Clutter

Ashley Austrew | Nov 30, 2018 Being a Mom
40 Kid Keepsakes That Won't Create Clutter

wood block art

As parents, we all want a way to preserve precious and irreplaceable memories of our children. But oh my God, the mess all that stuff makes By, like, year three of a kid's life, they've accumulated boxes of art projects, eight billion photos, and enough DIY crafts from preschool and grandma's house to start a landfill in the living room. Quite simply, it's just impossible for parents to keep every single thing their kids make and do, and that's why they have to be super smart about what items they decide to keep, how they make new keepsakes going forward, and where they decide to store all the precious stuff they've accumulated.

Saving keepsakes and memories doesn't have to mean living in clutter and chaos. After all, it's had to "cherish every moment" when the moments just create an avalanche of stuff on every surface. There are smarter ways to hold onto things that mean a lot, and there are crafts kids can do that create something that is meaningful and purposeful that can be enjoyed by the whole family for many years to come. Whether it's a custom framed art piece that actually looks professional or an adorable stuffed teddy bear that repurposes old newborn gear, there are keepsakes that do more than just sit on the shelf.

Here, we've put together a convenient list of 40 of the very best kid keepsake ideas on the Internet. From creative storage options to easy crafts that have a functional use to brilliant ways for parents to repurpose and upcycle old clothes and shoes out of storage, these ideas will help moms and dads cherish the special times without filling the house with a bunch of unnecessary junk.

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