22 Best Gifts For Stay-at-Home Moms

Maressa Brown | Nov 14, 2019 Being a Mom
22 Best Gifts For Stay-at-Home Moms

Mom Hustle tee

Whether they're helping with a homework project, running play time, bath time, and bed time, cooking dinner, or sitting down to draw up the family budget, stay-at-home moms have a gazillion jobs in one. They are also a significant portion of the parenting population, according to a recent Pew Research Center analysis of US Census Bureau data, which found that more than 11 million US parents -- or 18 percent -- were not working outside the home in 2016. But while they may not be heading to an office or working for an outside employer remotely, stay-at-home moms are still working -- extremely hard -- to care for their LOs and run an efficient household. The bulk of cooking, cleaning, laundry, child care, and other duties fall to a stay-at-home mom, and because she works from home, it's a 24/7 kind of job. There are no sick days and only infrequent personal days -- and that's only if a SAHM happens to have a partner who can take off work, another loved one around to help, or professional child care. 

Some days it feels like the job of raising kids and running the household is fulfilling and joyful, and others when it's downright trying. Given everything on their plates, we decided to round up the best gifts for stay-at-home moms. When we asked several we knew, many said that the best gifts are those that allow them spend more one-on-one time with their partner, on a rare date night, or with friends, on a girls' night out. The gifts they're wishing for also allow them to sneak in that well-deserved, much-needed self-care -- be it a trip to the spa, a box filled with bath and body products that she can use at home, or a gift card for a service that allows a SAHM to take a break from worrying about deep-cleaning the kitchen or figuring out what's for dinner. Here are 20 of the best gifts for stay-at-home moms -- and that themselves say they would love to receive. That said, stay at home moms have plenty of interests outside the home. For moms into the zodiac and star signs, there are gifts for people who are obsessed with astrology. Or, perhaps a better choice would be gifts for grown-ups that aren't just more stuff, but instead are experiences a mom might enjoy.

  • Bean Box Coffee Sampler

    Bean Box Coffee Sampler
    Bean Box

    Stay-at-home moms put in a lot of work all day, every day -- and it's exhausting, physical, messy work, at that. These moms work hard and need their morning (and afternoon) cups of coffee. A subscription box full of Seattle's top coffee blends is always appreciated. 

    Bean Box Coffee Sampler (from $24, Bean Box)

  • A Babysitting Gift Certificate

    A Babysitting Gift Certificate

    One of the best gifts for stay-at-home moms is the opportunity to go do things outside the home (or even in the home) without having to care for their kids for a couple of hours. We can just write up a cute DIY babysitting gift certificate she can unwrap as a present, then Venmo or PayPal her the amount we are comfortable with. This way, mom can use her preferred babysitter -- without having to concern herself with the expense, for once. 

  • SpaFinder Gift Card


    SpaFinder gift cards can be used just about anywhere nationwide to give the SAHM on the list a well-deserved break. And is there a better break than getting pampered at the spa? Using a gift card, this mom can choose whichever spa experience she prefers.

    SpaFinder Gift Card (from $50, SpaFinder)

  • Date Night Jar 


    Sometimes all a SAHM wants is a creative, fun date night planned by her partner. This jar offers 52 original date ideas -- one for each week of the year  -- that are creatively written on card stock sticks.

    Date Night Jar ($40, MadeByCain/Etsy)

  • Avoid Speaking Until I'm Done Mug


    The message on this mug is sure to get any domestic boss lady's bottom line across. Just because she doesn't go into an office all the time doesn't mean coffee isn't just as essential to start her day. 

    Let Me Be Until After Coffee Mug ($15, SorryNotSorryCo/Etsy)

  • Mom Tee 


    This mom T-shirt celebrates a mom for all her hard work -- and recognition for everything she contributes to her household and her family is one of the best gifts for stay at home moms we can think of. 

    Definition of a Mom Tee ($25, TheDaveyBoutique/Etsy)

  • Molly Maids Gift Certificate

    Molly Maids Gift Certificate

    Most SAHMs would appreciate time off from keeping up with house cleaning. Consider a gift card for a local maid service. Molly Maids electronic gift certificates start at $100. This is giving the gift of a day off and and coming home to a clean house  -- which is always great. 

    Molly Maids Gift Certificate (from $100, Molly Maids)

  • 'What I Love About Mom' Book 


    This personalized book will show a SAHM just how appreciated she is.

    "What I Love About Mom" Book ($10, Uncommon Goods)

  • Ring of Love Necklace


    This beautiful pendant features a card that reads, "A mother's love is infinite, with every birth and union the circle of love grows stronger," and a labradorite -- the stone of magic and transformation. It's perfect for a SAHM, as she is obviously magical -- and capable of transforming into various roles throughout the day and over the years!

    Ring of Love Necklace ($50, Uncommon Goods

  • Printable Positive Affirmations for Moms


    These motivating cards, created by Lauren, the mom behind The Military Wife and Mom blog, can be printed out and presented as a sweet, supportive gift for any hardworking mom. We can't think of anything moms really want or love more than being told how good a job they're doing. 

    Printable Positive Affirmations for Moms ($6, The Military Wife & Mom)

  • Personalized Wine Chiller


    For the SAHM who loves her wine -- yes, that's us, we're that stay-at-home mom -- this personalized wine chiller is both chic and functional. We love the idea of elevating something that can become sort of banal into a fun treat that feels fancy and special -- and this wine chiller is a way to make that happen. 

    Personalized Wine Chiller ($90, Personalization Mall)

  • Mama Bear Necklace


    Any fiercely protective SAHM -- so that's all of us, right? -- will love this customizable necklace. We love that no matter how many cubs come tripping after a mama bear all day, that's still her primary spirit -- protecting, loving, and incredibly patient. 

    Mama Bear Necklace (from $120, Uncommon Goods)

  • Restaurant.com eCards or Gift Cards


    Date night is a much-needed, well-deserved treat for a SAHM. Give her a reason to get out and enjoy a lovely meal with her partner or friends. Restaurant.com gift cards are great because they are so discounted, they make a little luxurious eating out a lot more accessible.

    Restaurant.com eCards or Gift Cards (from $5 for eCards & $25 for Gift Cards, Restaurant.com)

  • TheraBox


    This self-care, monthly subscription box comes with five to seven self-care wellness goodies, including aromatherapy, natural and organic bath items, skin care products, and other lifestyle items. They're all something a SAHM absolutely deserves. 

    TheraBox ($31/month, Crate Joy)

  • You Are Amazing Box


    This gratitude-packed box includes a soy candle, a box of matches, a travel-sized bar of natural soap, a lavender bath bomb, a moisturizing lip balm, an organic body butter, a travel-sized organic essential oil body spray, and a custom message.

    You Are Amazing Box ($49, PeaceOrganics/Etsy)

  • OpenTable Gift Card


    OpenTable offers gift cards for a bevy of highly rated, foodie-approved date night spots in several major cities. While we love unwrapping a good present, we also love getting to have great experiences with our loved ones. This is one of the best gifts for stay-at-home moms because it helps them create lasting memories with people they care about.

    OpenTable Gift Card (prices vary by restaurant, OpenTable)

  • Mom Hustle Tee


    This stylish T-shirt celebrates all that SAHMs do for everyone in her life. We're all in favor of that cool #girlboss hustle, and while the stay at home mom hustle looks different than the CEO version, they're both women who are making a ton of decisions and doing important things every single day.

    Mom Hustle Tee (from $19, RedWagonApparel/Etsy)

  • Slay at Home Mom Workout Tee

    Slay at Home Workout Tee

    We all know a stay-at-home mom who's basically Beyoncé ... she manages to nourish and care for her children while doing a million other things -- and does it looking absolutely amazing, to boot. Celebrate her this season with an awesome workout tank top that's just her style.

    Slay at Home Mom Workout Tee (from $22, Nuggets4Breakfast/Etsy)

  • Hotels.com Gift Card


    Even one night off for a solo stay, romantic getaway, or girls' trip will be a truly cherished gift for a SAHM. Going someplace where she doesn't have to make the bed? Where a breakfast buffet is provided for her rather than by her? With a bathtub she can use undisturbed by small children? Heaven. 

    Hotels.com Gift Card (from $25, Hotels.com)

  • iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum


    Out of every gift on this list, this is definitely the most expensive, but if it's in the budget this year, this is really one of the best gifts for stay-at-home moms. Literally every SAHM we know says they'd love -- and could really use -- a hands-free vacuum robot, like this well-reviewed Roomba.

    iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum ($270, Amazon)

  • SendaMeal.com Gift Certificate


    Save a SAHM the work of dinner prep with a gift card for gourmet meal delivery service. While sending her a restaurant gift certificate is always lovely, gifting her with a gourmet meal she doesn't have to put on real clothes for is always absolutely appreciated. 

    SendaMeal.com Gift Certificate (from $5, SendaMeal.com)

  • The Bouqs Co. Gift Card


    This gift card lets a stay-at-home mom enjoy beautiful, sustainably grown blooms as part of an ongoing subscription -- or a one-time stunning arrangement. While everyone likes to have flowers delivered, we don't always know someone's preferred type (or which blooms' scents they dislike). 

    The Bouqs Co. Gift Card (from $55, The Bouqs Co.)

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