20 Unique, Stress-Relieving Holiday Gifts for Moms

Maressa Brown | Nov 16, 2018 Being a Mom
20 Unique, Stress-Relieving Holiday Gifts for Moms

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For all the joys and pleasures that come with being a parent, there's no denying that mothers are often completely stressed out. And more so than fathers, without a doubt. According to a recent study by Cornell University and University of Minnesota professors published in the American Sociological Review, moms "report less happiness, more stress, and greater fatigue in time with children than do fathers." 

The reason: "Mothers engage in different activities with children and more often parent on their own than do fathers." And the activities they're talking about are the sorts of tasks that are required to raise a L.O. and are "time-inflexible," like cooking and cleaning and basic childcare. (Meanwhile, dads get to engage in far more "fun" activities with their kiddos.)

This is just one perfect summation of why plenty of moms love their wine nights with friends, their essential oils for relaxation, their can't-miss yoga class, their must-have date nights, or just sneaking in a weekly gossip session with an old friend over FaceTime. 

And it's why it's safe to assume that during the stressful holiday season, these moms are struggling even more to get centered and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. After all, not only do they have to do the "time-inflexible tasks" mentioned by researchers but they're also likely planning PTA events for their kids, hosting family gatherings, cooking for holiday meals, buying gifts for loved ones and friends, sending out greeting cards, etc. Oof. 

No doubt these moms deserve beautiful, out-of-the-ordinary gifts that may very well give them the chance to relax and rejuvenate. Sure, a bottle of wine is lovely. But why not choose something a bit unusual or surprising? 

Here, 20 gift ideas that will step stress-relief up a notch for the harried mama on anyone's list.  

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