As unique as every mother is, the fact of the matter is that certain traits, hobbies, interests, passions, and practices quite often serve to steer moms toward assuming a particular label. Even if the label seems to simplify the complexity of what that mom stands for, it's an easy identifier. 

And moms who are proud to babywear, breastfeed, make their own baby food, shop local, buy organic, reduce their meat consumption or go full vegan, use coconut oil for just about everything, maybe use sage or Palo Santo, and have a thing for aligning their chakras can't help but fall under the label "crunchy." And it's a label they wear with pride -- after all there's no right or wrong way to parent.

Of course they're also referred to as granola, hippie, or natural mamas. 

Regardless of the exact label, these moms are known for their hugely compassionate hearts, advocacy against issues such as animal cruelty and climate change, and general interest in wanting to make the planet a better place while keeping their loved ones happy and healthy. And really, for that reason alone, a crunchy mama deserves all the lovely, handmade, eco-friendly gifts the Internet has to offer! And if one is shopping for such a lady, look no further than this comprehensive list.

Of course, crunchy moms might also double as green thumbs, talented chefs, interior designers, style mavens, or simply exhausted women who could use 30 minutes in a bath and a piece of CBD-infused chocolate! So why not show a crunchy mama that someone is paying attention to her style and get her a gift she'll love and feel good about?

Here are 20 gifts that might hit on one or more cylinders for these big-hearted earth mamas.