20 Holiday Gifts for Moms Who Really Love Their Wine

Maressa Brown | Nov 9, 2018 Being a Mom
20 Holiday Gifts for Moms Who Really Love Their Wine

wine lovers gift box

From a glass of chilled pinot grigio to a bubbly rose, a creamy chardonnay or a smooth Merlot, every wine lover has a favorite go-to glass. But of course, being a wine lover doesn't just mean adoring a particular varietal or being intrigued by pairing certain cheese with that specific Cabernet anymore. There's an entire culture surrounding wine, and those who are fans -- especially those who are millennials and parents who are fans -- are all about enjoying all the trappings of that culture, from using special stemware to trying out fancy wine gadgets, heading to vineyards or exhibitions for tastings or just indulging in some good ol' meme-posting.

Wine Market Council, a nonprofit association of grape growers, wine producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and other affiliated wine businesses and organizations, released research on consumer wine consumption habits and found intriguing data about female wine drinkers in particular. 

Turns out, more women than men are wine drinkers, and women account for 57 percent of wine volume in the US. Obviously, that's a pretty big deal for the wine industry, so it's no wonder they've thought about how they can better serve their biggest fans. Every year, it seems like there are more beautiful and useful products and subscriptions geared specifically to women whose favorite indulgence is a glass of sauvignon blanc or zinfandel. 

That also means there are a gazillion cool holiday gift options for wine-loving moms. Here are 20 pretty and multipurpose picks for all the vino-adoring moms out there.

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