20 Things Women Wish They Could Tell Their Pre-Mom Selves

woman working while pregnant

No matter how much a person practices mindfulness and gratitude in the moment, life has a way of flying by. From college to meeting someone special to walking down the aisle to trying to conceive, getting pregnant, and starting a family, milestones happen, and it's easy to look back and wonder where time went -- and wish there had been something like Cliff Notes along the way. Perhaps that one particular situation -- like a run-in with an in-law or a stressful labor and delivery -- wouldn't have turned out the way it did. Or perhaps it would have, but having a heads-up would have been valuable. 


As the expression goes, hindsight is 20/20, and knowing what to expect in every moment of life -- especially the biggies, like working on expanding a family, seeing that positive result on a pregnancy test, carrying a baby for nine months, and giving birth -- is impossible. Still, plenty of women can't help but wish they had been more prepared for certain twists and turns in their path. And there is plenty they wish they could give themselves a heads up on.

Some women would encourage their former, pre-mom selves to travel more. Others would give themselves a bit of a pep talk about the best attitude to have as a mom and doing their best to shelve any underlying control freakiness once they welcome their LO. There are those who would tell themselves to be more mindful and embrace simple pleasures, like a cocktail and a good book. 

Here are 20 things moms wish they could go back in time to tell themselves before having kids.