20 Mommy Influencers Every Fellow Mom Should Follow

Kayla Boyd | Sep 28, 2018 Being a Mom
20 Mommy Influencers Every Fellow Mom Should Follow

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One thing that is pretty universally understood is that parenting and raising kids is not an easy task. If being a mother were easy, then there wouldn't be billions of books, shows, and websites (like this one) out there to try to help with it all. Whether a mom has questions about breastfeeding, school lunches, swaddling, potty training, or she just wants to vent, most people turn to the Internet these days. And in addition to all of those resources, there is one more that we all love: influencers. Whether someone has a favorite, blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, or Instagrammer, there is something so awesome about following someone who is relatable, honest, and willing to share their life experiences with us. 

The term "mommy blogger" has become pretty popular over the last decade. Moms have built full-time careers on sharing personal essays, photos, and advice on how they survive the many struggles of parenting. And many of these influencers don't just talk about their kids, they also get candid about issues like infertility, anxiety, and postpartum depression. There are also other topics that go along with motherhood, such as how it affects a marriage, the many changes one's body goes through, and figuring out how to navigate the many different stages. Many of our favorite influencers also know how to make us laugh. From ranting about the crazy things their kids do at home to the joy many moms feel when they walk down the aisles of Target. No matter what moms are looking for, our favorite influencers are sure to be able to offer some advice, comic relief, or just help other moms feel less alone. Here are 20 of our favorite mommy influencers that every mom should know about. 

  • Juggling the Jenkins 


    Tiffany Jenkins from Juggling the Jenkins is a wife, mother of three, author, and influencer. She speaks openly and honestly about addiction, depression, and anxiety, but she also has a raw sense of humor, especially when discussing parenting, that many moms can relate to. 

  • Her Holistic Path


    Olivyah, a mother of two from Her Holistic Path, is a "virtual doula" who offers online birthing support and preparation advice for her clients. She discusses everything from breastfeeding struggles to living a vegan lifestyle. 

  • Meg Boggs 


    Meg Boggs is stay-at-home mom to her daughter, Maci. She keeps things candid on her blog and social media and often discusses her journey with her postpartum body and other aspects of being a new mom, such as exhaustion and not being able to breastfeed. 

  • The Perfect Mom


    Desiree Fortin from The Perfect Mom is a mom of triplets. Desiree is honest about her infertility struggles and battle with postpartum anxiety and depression. She is always open to share the good and the bad parts about being a mother of three little ones. 

  • I Mom So Hard 


    Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are the comedians behind I Mom So Hard. These two are widely recognized across the Internet for their hilarious videos where they rant about all things motherhood. 

  • Mommy Shorts 


    Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts blogs about raising her two daughters. One of her popular video series “The Mommy Show” actually brings celebrities into her home while she takes care of her kids. She's also the author of Remarkably Average Parenting.

  • Hannah Carpenter 


    Hannah Carpenter is a blogger, illustrator, and mom of four. She shares beautiful photos and stories about her family and home. 

  • Diary of a Fit Mommy


    Sia Alexis is a mom of two and the blogger behind Diary of a Fit Mommy. She is a nurse turned NASM certified personal trainer and in addition to sharing about her family life, she also has a community of followers who go to her for workout plans, meal ideas, and other fitness tips. 

  • Kelle Hampton


    Kelle Hampton is a mom of three and stepmom of two. In 2010, she gave birth to her daughter, Nella, who was born with Down syndrome. From there, she wrote the book Bloom about their first year with her. Since then, she has continued blogging about her life, kids, and raising a child with special needs. 

  • Amy Tangerine


    Moms who love planning and documenting will really love Amy Tangerine. In addition to lifestyle blogging, this creative mom of one also designs scrapbooks and planners. 

  • Jay Miranda 


    Jay Miranda is a glamorous plus-size fashion blogger. She shares aspects of motherhood and body positivity in addition to fabulous outfit inspiration.

  • JthreeNMe


    Nicole Merritt is the blogger and mom of three behind JthreeNMe. She writes in a candid and personal way about parenting, marriage, and "staying balanced." 

  • Expressing Motherhood


    Lindsay Kavet is the founder, director, and producer of the stage show Expressing Motherhood. For the show, women share their stories about parenthood. It's been running for 10 years and has toured all over the country. 

  • Weelicious


    Catherine McCord is a mom of three and the blogger of Weelicious. She focuses on helping parents know how to feed their families healthy meals. Catherine has written two cookbooks and she also regularly shares recipes on her blog. 

  • The Mum on the Run 


    Laura Mazza of The Mum on the Run is a mom of two who shares her relatable and humorous thoughts about motherhood and marriage. Her blunt and sometimes sarcastic approach to her writing is something  we love, but she also gets real about serious topics like anxiety and depression. 

  • Mattie James 


    Mattie James is a lifestyle blogger and the mom of two little girls. After being a fashion blogger for about seven years, Mattie decided to rebrand in 2017 and focus more on her family life. She shares everything from motherhood and marriage experiences to home decor inspiration and her favorite recipes. 

  • That's Inappropriate 


    Meredith Masony is a mom of two and the founder of That's Inappropriate. She started her blog in 2014 and her mission is "to educate parents about choosing their battles in life and helping women find themselves." In addition to running her online community, she is also an author and podcaster. 

  • Amy Weatherly


    Amy Weatherly is a wife, mom of three, and writer. A lot of her blogging has to do with religion and spirituality, but she also writes about plenty of mom stuff, like shopping at Target and being exhausted. 

  • Tried & True Mama


    Molly Schultz of Tried & True Mama is a 27-year-old mom to five kids. She has four biological daughters, including a set of twins, and she adopted her half-brother when he was 2. Molly and her husband have a simplistic approach to raising their children and Molly loves to share their personal experiences. 

  • Kristen Hewitt


    Kristen Hewitt is a wife and mom to two girls. In addition to blogging, she is also a TV reporter, producer, editor, spokesperson, and consultant! On her blog, Kristen writes about infertility and IVF, healthy living, sports, parenting, and everything in between. 

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