18 Real Moms Reveal the Brutally Honest Thoughts They've Had During Playdates

Michele Zipp | Aug 17, 2018 Being a Mom
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  • "I'm afraid to touch anything for fear of messing it up or breaking it."

    woman looking nervous

    "I had a hangout playdate where the moms hang out while the little ones play. This was when my daughter was a toddler -- you know, the stage where they knock everything over? Well, the home of the mom who was hosting was immaculate. Everything was so impeccably in order. I was fearful my kid (or I) was going to break something the whole time. Stressful!"

  • "What do these people eat? I wonder what's in their fridge?"

    woman wondering

    "Ever go to someone's home and everyone seems so healthy and happy and you can't help but wonder what their secret is? Well, I do and I always feel like their secret has to do with their diet and what they eat. I was so curious at this one family's home (they were so fit, skin glowing, teeth amazing, the works) that I wanted to look in their fridge so bad to see what they ate."

  • "What does that elusive second floor look like?"

    kid going upstairs

    "I've been to one of my kid's friend's home several times and the kids often play upstairs, but for some reason it's never been a place I ventured. In fact, on two occasions during a pickup, my daughter was upstairs playing and we had to leave, and I offered to go up and get her, and the mom stopped me and went up to get her herself. Felt odd. I can't help but wonder what is upstairs?! When I asked my daughter she kind of rolled her eyes and said 'Just the bedrooms, mom!' So I decided not to make a big deal out of it."

  • "I really wish I didn't have to take off my shoes."

    shoes at door

    "This may not be a popular thought, but I can't stand the no shoe rule houses! I don't want to show off my socks. I don't want to walk barefoot. And I particularly don't understand this rule when people have pets who walk inside and outside with their 'shoes' on without wiping their feet! (I'll still adhere to and respect your no shoe rule, but I will complain about it in my head only)."

  • "Well that was the first and last playdate we'll ever have."

    kid waving goodbye

    "Our first playdate with my son's best friend from preschool was an absolute disaster. He and his friend were not getting along. The two of them were really acting like different kids -- the other mom and I felt the energy was just so off. Which, in turn, made it weird for us. After it was over (it was short), I felt like we wouldn't be returning."

  • "How does she keep such a neat home?!"

    family cleaning

    "I became good friends with my son's best friend's mom. Their house is always so neat, so organized and always smells like she baked something amazing. I always ask her how she keeps it so neat, and she tells me that she just tidies up a lot. I imagine that she has the kids help her and everyone is happy to pitch in to keep such order in the home. Oh to dream that my kids would do the same so my house would look cleaner!"

  • "What were they like before kids ...."

    family laughing

    "Once upon a time I walked into Perfect Land where mom and dad seemed just perfect, their kids were perfect, their house was perfect ... and there was me with my imperfectness and my incredible but imperfect child. I just felt completely out of place on this playdate, but the family was so nice (and perfect) that my mind just wandered and I couldn't help but wonder what they were like in their private lives, their own childhoods, what they did before they had kids."

  • "I have a feeling this home may not be safe."

    women talking
    Tommy Lee Walker/iStock

    "Let me just say that there was a question of safety -- safety with guns. There are just too many stories of kids getting killed or hurt due to guns not being safely secured in the home that I will not risk my kid's life for a playdate."

  • "I really was hoping for a dinner invite."

    family cooking dinner

    "My two kids and I were invite over for a playdate and it was set to end just before dinner. The mom had asked if I wanted to stay and have some coffee while the kids played, so I did. She was making dinner the whole time, having me taste stuff, and we had a nice time. I thought she was going to invite us to stay for dinner. But it was kind of weird when the playdate was up, dinner was ready, and we basically felt kicked out. Maybe I was being presumptuous, but I couldn't help my thoughts."

  • "I can't believe I allowed this."

    kid screen time

    "When I picked my kid up from his playdate, I was sort of in horror to see them playing one of those live action war games where it seems like real-life shooters. My kid is only 9 and I thought it was very inappropriate. I realized I should have asked more questions prior to allowing the playdate."

  • "Who is this well-behaved child?"

    mom child reading

    "I was a little worried during a first playdate because my daughter can get really rambunctious sometimes, and the noises she makes can make it seem like she's a 10-foot giant when she's really just a petite kid. But her actions on this playdate shocked me. She was the epitome of polite: so sweet, so kind, so respectful, so quiet. I wondered what happened to my kid while we were there. Not to fear; she went back to her old ways as soon as we got in the car."

  • "Why is my child acting like a demon? This is horrifying."

    kid mad

    "The playdate was going really well -- our daughters were playing in the other room and the mom and I were just sitting on the couch talking about first grade stuff. But then there was a crash and screaming. When we rushed to the other room, our daughters were fighting and my daughter seemed to be the instigator. It was horrifying."

  • "Why did they let my kid come over when their other kid has a fever?!"

    sick kid

    "My son was so excited to hang out with his best friend and the mom and I planned the playdate as a drop-off. I dropped him off and all was good as I left to take my other son to his practice. When I returned to pick him up, I went inside and was chatting with the mom a bit as my son got his things together. It was then that she revealed to me that her daughter was really sick: throwing up and had a fever But she was in her own room so not to worry. Of course I was worried! I couldn't believe she allowed a playdate without telling me that her other child was so ill."

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