20 Hysterical Reasons Toddlers Totally Melted Down

Ashley Austrew | Aug 6, 2018 Being a Mom
20 Hysterical Reasons Toddlers Totally Melted Down
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Toddlers are known for being extremely reasonable people and excellent at handling their emotions in tough situations -- just kidding! As any parent will agree, life with toddlers is kind of like walking around with their own personal volcano by their sides. They just never know when it's going to spontaneously and violently erupt. Maybe it's because a mom gave their toddler milk in the wrong color cup. Or, maybe their dad is a big meanie who told them they're not allowed to play with the stove or run out into traffic. There's just no telling what's going to send a toddler into a full-on screaming and flailing meltdown.

It's not always easy for an exhausted parent to cope when their kid is thrashing around on the ground in the middle of a public parking lot because they accidentally broke the head off of their animal cracker. Luckily, toddlers aren't all fury and rage. They're also among the world's most adorable little creatures, and the wild justifications they come up with for throwing their ridiculous fits are usually completely hilarious. That helps make even the most epic toddler meltdowns just a little bit easier for parents to handle.

Here, real parents are revealing the most absurd and totally bizarre excuses their toddlers have ever given for throwing a huge tantrum. From not being allowed to lick the windows on a public bus to thinking they just look too darn handsome in their new button down shirt (seriously!), these brazen little kids prove there's no problem too small or too silly to be worthy of a public screaming session.

  • The Public Bus Toddler Meltdown


    "[My daughter] Lily had a meltdown on the bus ... because I wouldn’t let her lick the window." -- Drea A.

  • The Epic Booger Toddler Meltdown


    "I threw her booger on the ground after she wiped it on my hand, instead of putting it in a tissue." - Jamie M.

  • The Hallmark Movie Toddler Meltdown

    couple kissing

    "My 3-year-old missed the last five minutes of a Hallmark movie, i.e. when the main characters finally kiss. He threw a fit screaming, 'But I want to see the kissing!'" -- Kate M.

  • The Chocolate Milk Toddler Meltdown

    chocolate milk in a glass

    "My son cried for 10 minutes because I opened his chocolate milk ... so he could drink it. I'm still confused about that one." -- Caroline M.

  • The Balloon Festival Toddler Meltdown


    "I'm an asshole parent because I wouldn't let her fly [at the balloon festival]." -- Agnieszka

  • The DMV Toddler Meltdown

    department of motor vehicles DMV

    "My toddler had a full meltdown because we were leaving the DMV. I had finally, after more than two hours, gotten my driver's license renewed, and she wanted to stay there ... This resulted not only in kicking and screaming but also calls to the [nearby] police to 'please, help me!' Thank God they realized that no one actually wants to stay in the DMV and let me go." -- Anonymous

  • The Garlic Toddler Meltdown

    raw garlic

    "My cousin's kids cried because they couldn't eat raw garlic ... and then they cried when their mom let them." -- Sarah S.

  • The Dog Poop Toddler Meltdown


    "[My son cried because] I wouldn't let him pick up the dog poop and throw it at another dog." -- Shirlee

  • The Airport Toddler Meltdown


    "She fell asleep in the car and missed seeing the airport. Guess that makes me an asshole parent." -- Carolyn C.

  • The Toddler Meltdown Over Mom's Belly

    pregnant woman holding her belly

    "My 3-year-old daughter lost it because she couldn't go back into my tummy. She screamed and cried that she promised to make herself very small and she just wanted to get warm and cozy. And no, a blanket would NOT work." -- Meghan B.

  • The Capri Sun Toddler Meltdown


    "I put the straw in the Capri Sun." - Josue L.

  • The Expensive Sports Car Toddler Meltdown

    neon green camaro

    "I had to drag my little guy out of the Chevy dealership. He threw the mother of all fits -- crying screaming and the whole bit -- because I wouldn't buy him the green Camaro." -- Becca B.

  • The Bill Murray Toddler Meltdown


    As one anonymous mom shared on Imgur, this kid had a complete meltdown "because he met Bill Murray."

  • The Target Toddler Meltdown

    baby crying in Target shopping cart

    "When my son was around 2 1/2, he kept asking for anything and everything during our Target shopping trip. In my exasperation I said, 'You're not getting squat!' For the rest of the trip he screamed (red face, tears and all) from the cart, 'I want squaaaattt I want squaaatttt!' down every darn aisle." -- Mary G.

  • The Wheel On the Bus Toddler Meltdown

    school bus

    "When my kiddo was about 3 they lost their shit repeatedly because they couldn't remember the words to 'The Wheels On The Bus.' If they forgot any words they would have a complete, inconsolable meltdown." -- Tamara C.

  • The Too-Handsome Toddler Meltdown

    smiling boy lying in the grass

    "[My son had a meltdown] because I put him in a button up 'polo' type shirt. He said he was 'too handsome.' 😐" -- Davina C.

  • The Honeydew Melon Toddler Meltdown

    honeydew melons

    "[My daughter had a metldown] because I wouldn't let her hold each and every honeydew in the mountain of honeydews at Shoprite. She doesn't eat any fruit or vegetables really. She just likes to hold them." -- Erica L.

  • The At Home Toddler Meltdown

    boy crying in the hallway

    "My son was crying & yelling at me that he wanted to go home. We were in the living room of our home. He cried harder when I told him we were already home." -- Stacie A.

  • The Ball Pit Toddler Meltdown


    "The bouncy ball pit was too big for her to drag through the hallway into the kitchen." -- Anonymous

  • The PB&J Toddler Meltdown


    "My 3-year-old went full Hulk because I 'broke' his sandwich by cutting it in half. He spent like 20 minutes demanding that I glue it back together." -- Ashley A.

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