Mom's C-Section Scar 'Horror Story' Has the Internet Cringing

Bec Judd with her twins

Having a C-section can be a sensitive subject for some because everyone has different opinions about them. Although some moms readily opt for them, others feel that they rob new moms of a "real" childbirth experience. But no matter how you feel about them, they certainly aren't easy for a woman to go through and it takes a lasting toll on a mom's body that many underestimate. That's why Australian presenter Bec Judd shared on air a horrifying tale of the time that her C-section scar skin got zipped in her dress -- without her knowing.

  • Bec has always been open with her feelings about the C-section she had for her twin sons, Tom and Darcy.

    Bec, who is the host of the Australian radio show, The 3PM Pick Up, has had two older children naturally. But said that when it came to giving birth to her youngest twins, the experience of having a C-section was "awful."

    According to MamaMia, Bec had her twins in September of 2016 and concluded that C-sections were just not for her."It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. It’s horrific," she said on her radio show. She added that the experience of being awake during "major abdominal surgery" was "mind-boggling and freaky." And that the trauma of being awake during surgery caused her to have a panic attack during labor.

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  • But recently, Bec got real again with a gnarly story about her C-section scar getting stuck in her dress...

    According to Bec, she was getting dressed when things turned into a scene from There's Something About Mary. "What's happened is, I've worn this dress and it's got the zip up from the bottom, all the way from the hem up to the neck," Bec confessed to her co-hosts.

    Bending over to finish getting ready and tie her shoes, Bec felt a strange tugging sensation from her dress. "I looked down, and there was a little patch of blood," Bec described. 

    Bec realized that  she had "zipped up the skin around my c-section scar INTO THE ZIP and not even realized! It was just a tiny bit of it, but I have not even realized because I am completely numb there!"

  • In the past, Bec has joked about the "sausage shelf" that formed around her 12-inch long scar and most likely she is referring to a keloid scar. According to Health Line, this happens when scar tissue has grown excessively around the wound site, "forming smooth, hard growths." While Keloid scars have not negative impact on your health, they can be undesirable and in Bec's case, her scar was numb.

  • Although no real harm was done, she realized how dangerous it can be having a numb abdomen in other situations.

    Bec is now nervous doing everyday tasks like getting ready in the morning. "I'm always leaning over the bathroom counter when I'm doing my makeup with my [curling iron] there, and it's about at that pelvis height," she explained. "I could be leaning on a hot tong and just never know. I could just singe off everything and have no idea!"

    And while Bec has no idea if she will ever get feeling back in her abdomen (remember, it's already been about two years), she does admit that some feeling has come back.