This Mom Is Embracing Her Embarrassing Pregnancy Side Effect & People are Loving It

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We've all heard of our fair share of weird pregnancy symptoms. From moms who eat dirt, moms who get an increased sense of smell, and even the really annoying urge to pee ALL THE TIME, pregnancy does weird things to a body. But for one Australian mom, she faced a pregnancy symptom that most women wouldn't want to talk about in private let alone post about it on the internet. But podcaster Monique Bowler decided to get real and open up on Instagram that she's suffering from a newfound hairy belly. And guess what? She's done being ashamed of it!

  • Meghan shared this amazing belly shot on Instagram. "BEHOLD my HAIRY STOMACH," she wrote, "I’m calling it Hagrid and I love it sick."

    On her Instagram, Monique wrote that she wants to take away the stigma of the ugly side of pregnancy and says that she shared the photo "in the interests of balancing out perfect instagram pregnancy posts."

    Hilariously doubling down on her position, Monique even tags her obstetrician, Dr. Joseph Sgroi, and joked that she's "not shaving it down for you anymore. Your doppler will have to deal. #sorrynotsorry"

    Monique post has been liked over 800 times and seems to be emphatically embraced by moms who were thankful for being real on social media. 

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  • Many moms could relate and revealed that they too had cases of hairy bumps.

  • Others praised her real photo as "extra beautiful."

  • And of course, one mom made a pretty hilarious Hairy Potter joke (get it?!). 

  • Monique's obstetrician even got in the fun, reassuring her that her "baby fluff" is more common than people realize.

    Monique's obstetrician responded to her post in the comments and dropped a little knowledge. Dr. Sgroi told Monique that her body hair sprouted because her hormones are fluctuating and that she should expect for it to fall out from one to six months postpartum. 

  • So expecting mamas should have no fear if they've started to grow a little Hagrid belly of their own. 

    It's perfectly normal! 

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