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  • Go for an extra long 'workout'

    Tell the fam you're adding an extra mile to your run or that you want to check out a new yoga class. Then use your stolen minutes to chillax in the steam room, take an extra long shower -- even grab a quick snooze in the car if the mood strikes. 

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  • Take a VIP 'Phone Call'

    Fell asleep before your favorite show last night and desperate to know what happened? No spoilers for you! Tell your family you are absolutely not to be disturbed during an important conference call--and then use that hour to stream your favorite show while you catch up with headphones on.

  • Become very particular about how the rest of the family folds the laundry

    Tell them you appreciate their efforts, but really, it's just better if you take one for the team and fold the clothes. By yourself. In the quiet. Surrounded by the sweet scent of warm cotton and the dryer that drowns out any sibling arguments. Ahhhhh. 

  • Make kitchen time showtime

    Another boring evening over the stove? Entertain yourself by pretending you're filming an audition tape for a cooking competition. The best part is that in your daydreams, everyone loves your food, no matter what the kids say come dinnertime.

  • Always take the long way home

    In the car kid-free? Don't rush to get home. Take the back roads or meandering turns for a few minutes more of blissful quiet, and know that "traffic" is the perfect excuse if you need one. Bonus points for letting the wind run through your hair!

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