10 Ways Moms Sneak in 'Me Time' (Without Anyone Being the Wiser)

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Being a mom is awesome. You've always got something to do, and people who want to be with you. That's great when your kids are pulling you towards the swings at the park or snuggling close while you read them a story. But it's less fun when you want to pee with the door closed or even have a minute (or two, maybe?) when you get to breathe and think about your own needs.  

Luckily, we don't need a weekend, or even a day, away to recharge our batteries. Moms are masters at multitasking, which means we're able to sneak in little moments for ourselves with our family being none the wiser (and sometimes even when they're with us!) 

Looking for some ways to up your ninja "me time" ways? Here's how to find your bliss on the sly. And no, there's no need to fess up to the family. Let them think a mom's work is never done!

  • Never say no to a round of Hide and Seek

    Sure, you're always up for a game of Hide and Seek with the kids. That is, as long as you get to be the seeker, and they go hide while you count super, super slowly to 100. What's that? They're not ready? They want you to enjoy the quiet on the couch while you count to 200? Well, if they insist. 

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  • Turn the school drop off line into a rock concert

    Turn the endless wait to the front of the school drop off line into a custom karaoke party starring you and your favorite old school pop songs. Bonus points for using your cellphone as a mic. And who knows, you might just change your kids' mind about those 'oldies' you like to listen to.

  • Use sunglasses as more than just a fashion accessory

    Kid's sports games are great, unless your child's not at bat or having fun with their teammates on the bench while you're stuck on the sidelines. You could make idle chitchat with the other parents about the weather. Or you could deploy your shades as handy cover while you use the chattering of the crowd as white noise and rest your eyes for just a second. (Don't worry, anything exciting will equal a big cheer, so you won't miss anything!) 

  • Sneak a yummy summer lunch into a day packed with errands

    Wendy’s Berry Burst Chicken Salad

    A million things to do and places to be? No biggie. It’s the perfect excuse to pick up your favorite lunch on the go, like Wendy’s Berry Burst Chicken Salad. Fresh and juicy summer berries are the perfect reward for knocking off half your to-do list, and zipping through the drive-thru means you'll be off to tackle the rest of that list in no time. A leafy green and delicious lunch with no cooking or clean-up?  #Momwin!

  • Turn tubby time into a mini spa moment

    Bath time for baby usually leaves you drenched too, so why not really enjoy it? Turn toddler tub time into a mini-spa moment by dunking those piggies into the bubbles along with your kid. Now if only they thought giving a foot massage was a much fun as dumping that bucket over and over. 

  • Go for an extra long 'workout'

    Tell the fam you're adding an extra mile to your run or that you want to check out a new yoga class. Then use your stolen minutes to chillax in the steam room, take an extra long shower -- even grab a quick snooze in the car if the mood strikes. 

  • Take a VIP 'Phone Call'

    Fell asleep before your favorite show last night and desperate to know what happened? No spoilers for you! Tell your family you are absolutely not to be disturbed during an important conference call--and then use that hour to stream your favorite show while you catch up with headphones on.

  • Become very particular about how the rest of the family folds the laundry

    Tell them you appreciate their efforts, but really, it's just better if you take one for the team and fold the clothes. By yourself. In the quiet. Surrounded by the sweet scent of warm cotton and the dryer that drowns out any sibling arguments. Ahhhhh. 

  • Make kitchen time showtime

    Another boring evening over the stove? Entertain yourself by pretending you're filming an audition tape for a cooking competition. The best part is that in your daydreams, everyone loves your food, no matter what the kids say come dinnertime.

  • Always take the long way home

    In the car kid-free? Don't rush to get home. Take the back roads or meandering turns for a few minutes more of blissful quiet, and know that "traffic" is the perfect excuse if you need one. Bonus points for letting the wind run through your hair!

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