This Mom Who 'Doesn't Give Any More Sh*ts' During the Final Weeks of School Is All of Us

Liz Petrone
Liz Petrone/Facebook

By the end of the school year, kids aren't the only ones who are completely over it. As the summer vacation nears, both teachers and parents are also counting down the days until no more homework or chaotic routines. It doesn't matter how on top of things you were at the beginning of the school year, most parents are simply just trying to get by during those last few weeks of school, and nothing captures this "over it" attitude more than Liz Petrone's recent experience with her 6-year-old daughter.


Petrone, who is a writer and mom of four, knew that she officially had a bad case of the May struggles when her little girl woke her up screaming that she has no pants ... yet again. "I fight the urge to roll back over and close my eyes as the realization settles over me that yes, I forgot to do the laundry," Petrone wrote on Facebook. "Again."

You see, if this were September or October, her girl most likely wouldn't be running around looking for clean clothes to wear, as Petrone admits she's usually more of a mom warrior -- able to juggle working with keeping her kids all fed and clothed. "But now we've reached the point in the school year where there are only a few weeks left and here's the thing: I no longer give any sh*ts," she wrote.

Liz Petrone
Liz Petrone/Facebook

But looking back, Petrone realizes that her "end of school year struggle" didn't happen all at once or overnight. "It has been a gradual decline from our idealistic beginning last September of 'This is the year we organize, accomplish, and clean all of the things!' to the October reality of 'Wow this is really hard' to January's 'Well, maybe we can catch up on the weekends' to the present reality of 'SEND HELP,'" she wrote.

Which is how she got to where she is right now (and her girl without pants); this mama is just OVER IT. "See also: the signing of reading logs, the reading of important papers, the forcing my children to take showers, and the packing of nutritious lunches. DONE. As in checked out," she wrote. "The end is finally in sight, and I have blissfully, with a manic grin on my face, taken my foot off of the gas pedal. I'm coasting through, just hoping we stay alive through the next few weeks."

Girl wearing a tutu to school
Liz Petrone/Facebook

So when it comes to her daughter's outfit for the day, this mom is no longer stressing over perfection. “'Just. Wear. Something,' I say, and this is how we get her to school in what I think is last year's Halloween costume. I contemplate sending in a note of explanation to her teacher but that would involve opening her backpack, which I have sworn off of," she wrote. "Besides, if there is anyone more done this time of year than moms it is teachers. I doubt the teacher will even notice in her I-have-been-doing-this-for-ten-months-for-the-love-of-god-let-it-end-soon haze, and if she does I hope it's with a nod of solidarity and understanding. Because June."

But more importantly, she scored some serious points with her child, as the little girl was thrilled to be allowed to wear a costume to school. "'When do I have to go back to wearing pants?'" Petrone wrote. "'September,' I say. 'We'll try again in September.'"


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