Dads Are Posing With Their Partners' Bumps for Their Own 'Pregnancy' Photos & It's Hysterical

pregnant dad photo
Nicolle Amboni Photography

The world of maternity photo shoots is huge. There are countless themes, vibes, poses, and props for moms and photographers to try out. Every once in a while, one genius maternity photo idea ends up spawning an entire trend. One of the most recent trends popping up involves a hilariously weird pose that makes expectant dads look like they're pregnant.

  • Expectant dads have been mimicking the pregnant belly since the beginning of time, but these "pregnant dad" photos are a major step up. 

    Instead of stuffing a pillow or a balloon under their shirts, the dads are actually using moms' bellies as props. It looks like all you really need to make it happen is a pregnant mom willing to lean backward, a conveniently placed tree or doorway, and a dad who's down to get silly. 

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  • There's no telling how long this trend has been around, but it's definitely gaining momentum on Instagram, where a search brings up dozens of photos.

    CafeMom spoke with maternity photographer Shannon Decole, who said that she saw the pose for the first time about a year ago and decided to try it out herself in a recent shoot. "It was a tactic to loosen the couple up," she says. "Dads and husbands seem to be so uptight about being in front of the camera. It was for a good laugh and so cute I posted on my Instagram." 

  • Some of the pictures are a little jarring, since it takes a second to realize what's actually happening. 

  • But once you get past the disembodied man head floating above a pregnant belly, you can't help but laugh. 


  • As goofy as these "pregnant dad" photos are, it's still really cool to see parents showing off their sense of humor. 

    Whether it's in a professional photo shoot or just a spur-of-the-moment joke, it's also awesome to see the dad incorporated in some way -- even if it does come at the expense of the mom's beautiful face. 

  • Sure it's a little silly, but this photo trend is a great way to capture your love and your sense of humor for your future kids to see.

    It also looks like it's ridiculously easy to accomplish -- you know, as long as your belly isn't throwing off your equilibrium too much. We seriously hope these "pregnant dads" keep on coming, because this is a maternity pose we're definitely here for.