Mom Admits Her Son Acts Like a 'Little Sh*t' -- but She Doesn't Think That's a Bad Thing

mom proud of naughty son
Renee Platt/Facebook

For most parents, revealing our kids' bad behavior is a nightmare. We tend to think our little ones' naughtier traits are a direct reflection of our parenting skills, and the judgment we feel from other parents can make us feel crappy and discouraged. But one mom is making waves for a different reason entirely. Personal trainer and mom-of-three Renee Platt is going viral for writing online that she's proud that her son acts like a "little sh*t" and she refuses to feel shame about it. 

  • In a recent Facebook post, Platt fully admitted that she knows her 5-year-old son, Hamish, is often seen as "the bad kid."

    "I'm the Mum of the wild 5 year old boy in the shops excited about all the possibilities that he could walk out with," she wrote. "I'm the Mum of the loud child in the library, I'm the Mum of the excited talking boy in the cinema, I'm the Mum of the boy who threw a tantrum in the park because he didn't want to go home because he'd rather play in the wild. I am the Mum of the boy dressed as a Super Hero."

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  • The mom even admitted that dealing with a naughty 5-year-old who doesn't know when to quit can be a hellish experience sometimes.

    It's more than just being a little too loud in the movie theater or annoying people at family gatherings. As a mom, Platt has to bear the brunt of his sometimes over-the-top behavior. She said that Hamish "wears me out" and  "pushes me to my limits." The 5-year-old "yells, he teases his sister, he fights with his brother, he does what he wants and it drives me insane." 

    "He doesn't care too much for rules instead like to create his own. He is covered in bruises because he plays hard, his hair never stays neat for long because he loves to somersault and roughhouse," the Aussie mom added. "He won't sit still to read a book for long, nor will he top the class in spelling just now. His school uniform comes home filthy each afternoon and he can never keep track of his readers or library books."

  • But even in the middle of dealing with exhausting behavior that could drive most parents to their wits' end, Platt wouldn't change her son at all. 

    "He is brave, he is strong, he is outgoing, he is charismatic, he is a gentleman, he is intelligent, he is articulate, he is funny, he is tech savvy, he is street wise, he is bold, he is mine," the doting mom wrote. ".... He is a little sh*t right now at times, but he loves hard too, and I am one of the only ones who gets to see his quiet, tired love." 

  • Platt firmly believes her "little sh*t" -- and everyone else's -- is going to be a "game changer." 

    "Watch this little package of energy do something great, this naughty boy won't settle for anything less than what he wants," she wrote. "That’s how you need to be wired to be great. Watch this space."


  • Platt's post served as inspiration for other moms dealing with their own strong-willed boys.

    naughty boy Facebook comment
  • Some moms admitted they're proud of their own "naughty" boys too.

    naughty boy facebook comment
  • And they weren't shy about speaking up for the "naughty" little girls out there either.

    mom is proud of naughty son

    Hoping to send Renee Platt off with the knowledge that she shouldn't feel bad for raising a "naughty" kid, one commenter told her that "all you can do is love them and never apologize for the spark that they have."

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