Mom's Hysterical Photo Series Nails Everything We Have to Say 'RIP' to Once We Have Kids

rip mom truths series

Just about every mom out there has a full understanding of the things she's "lost" since becoming a mom. Whether those losses are our ability to go to the bathroom in private or actually being able to finish a good book, it's something all moms can relate to. It isn't always something we talk about, though, usually for fear of looking ungrateful or less than perfect. But with a simple photo series, one mom has put a name and a face to all those things moms have to say RIP to after becoming parents -- and the results are almost too hilarious for words.

  • The brainchild of mom Desiree Fortin, the "RIP Mom Truths" series was inspired by her need to make something special for her fellow moms.

    While the stay-at-home mom and professional birth photographer regularly posts adorable photos of her triplets on her popular Instagram account, The Fortin Trio, the "RIP Mom Truths" series was specifically made to highlight mom truths in a funny way. 

    "I wanted to create something that would make people laugh and that would relatable to moms," she tells CafeMom. "And while I would not trade my triplets for life before them, there are some things I miss, like pooping alone, a clean car, and sleep, etc." 

    Fortin does admit that the title came from her husband, though. "We were talking about things we missed since becoming parents and how I wanted to create something that brought humor and honesty to motherhood," she says. "He nailed it with the name! We make a great team." 

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  • Armed with a letter board and lots of creativity, Fortin nails all the little things moms miss out on after having kids -- like bathroom privacy ...

    (...which we took for granted all those years.) 

  • Or the possibility of ever being able to experience what it's like to have a clean car again.

    Don't even act like you don't have at least 12 stray Goldfish somewhere in your car at this very moment. 

  • Or all the lingerie that goes completely unused because we've embraced the granny panty life.

    We can't even remember what lace feels like. 


  • She even manages to include a few things most of us are too embarrassed to admit -- like falling victim to the curse of the mom brain.

    That's what this series is all about, though: finding the humor in those things we don't always want to talk about. "I think this series is fun and brings light to our sometimes chaotic days," Fortin says. "I hope that it will make people smile and remind them that we aren't alone on this journey!" 

  • Fortin doesn't count anything as being off-limits for this series, no matter how "unpretty" it is.

    After making a point to speak publicly about her fertility struggles, her anxiety, and her postpartum recovery, she's no stranger to putting herself out there. "I think that talking about these things reminds other moms that they are not alone in their own struggles," Fortin says. "It brings a voice to something that needs to be heard." 

  • The "RIP Mom Truths" series reminds us that we don't need to be ashamed of missing kid-free bubble baths or clean kitchens.

    It's totally cool to talk, laugh, and joke about those things because it doesn't make us love or enjoy our kids or our lives any less. Fortin says it best: "I think, while we wouldn't trade mom life for anything, it is okay to miss our pre-mom life, pre-mom bodies, and everything in between." 

    You can find more of Desiree Fortin's work on her Instagram account and on her blog

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