40 Perfect Things to Write in a Mother's Day Card

mother's day card with flowers

No matter how much tissue paper or fancy wrapping there is, no Mother's Day gift is complete without a card to go with it. Whether it's completely handmade or from the expensive aisle in the greeting card section, a Mother's Day card can be used to express gratitude and show love for the woman who dried our tears, changed our diapers, made us countless boxes of mac and cheese, helped with our homework, dealt with our teenage angst (not to mention our loud music), and reminded us to wear our coats all those years. 


Gifts like flowers, jewelry, chocolates, or perfume are a touching way to let Mom know that she's loved, but it's what's written in her Mother's Day card that really lets her know what how family feels about her. And on those days when she needs a little reminder, re-reading a Mother's Day card might be just the pick-me-up a mom needs to tackle that load in the dryer or help finish that science fair project. 

But wanting to write the perfect note in a Mother's Day card can be easier said than done. Sometimes just thinking about how awesome Mom is creates an emotional rush that causes awful writer's block. Or sometimes it's a struggle to figure out how to honor those women in our lives that aren't technically our mom, but deserve to be recognized on Mother's Day just the same. 

But just because the words get stuck between our brains and the pen doesn't mean Mom shouldn't get a Mother's Day card that lets her know just how amazing she truly is. We've gathered up 40 perfect things to write in Mother's Day cards for moms, wives, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, and friends. From funny to sincere, here's what to say to show them how loved they are. 

Mother's Day Card

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