40 Unique & Affectionate Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

Sheri Reed | Apr 6, 2018 Being a Mom
40 Unique & Affectionate Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

pastel gemstone bracelet

Mother's Day is the day set aside to celebrate moms, from "regular moms" and "cool moms" to grandmas, stepmoms, mother-in-laws, or any other honorary moms in our lives. For all the things moms do day in and day out, we're not sure why they only get one day a year, but we don't make the rules, so we gotta make that one day count with a perfect gift. And no, the perfect gift for Mom absolutely does not have to cost a bunch either. 

Moms do a lot. How can we ever tell her how much she means? She led the Girl Scout troop and stood up to that rotten eighth grade History teacher. She bought us our first bra and handled that uncomfortable story about the birds and the bees like a total champ. She let us cry on her shoulder after our first heartbreak and stood on her chair and screamed with pride at graduation. And maybe now Mom has become the grandma the kids can't live without. Oh, Mom -- how we love her!

A perfectly stated Mother's Day card can certainly do the trick. Heartfelt words are always a wonderful and welcome gift. However, for anyone who wants to take it up a notch for Mom this year, we've come up with tons of creative Mother's Day gift ideas. We looked high and low to find top-notch and budget-friendly gifts for every kind of mom out there. 

Check out our roundup of special gifts for Mom that are all under $25 ... but still feel extra extra special like Mom.

Mother's Day Gifts

  • Canteen Crossbody Bag


    Every mom deserves a bag that's all her own (no, that diaper bag doesn't count). This cute, cognac crossbody bag is perfect for moms on the go who need to keep their hands free and still want to get their stylishness on. 

    Canteen Crossbody Bag by Universal Thread ($22, Target) 

  • Draft Latte 4-Pack


    Oh yum. Any coffee-loving mom in your life will enjoy the gift of these ready-made lattes in a can!  These tasty cuppas are made with whole, real ingredients, and yes, there's even a frothy layer of foam! Choose from regular Draft Latte, Triple Draft Latte, Mocha Draft Latte, Coconut Milk Draft Latte, Coconut Milk Mocha Draft Latte, Chai Draft Latte, or a Draft Latte Variety Pack.

    Draft Latte ($12 for 4-pack, La Colombe)

  • 'Queen' Keychain


    Here's a fun, affordable gift for that mom in your life who's a total QUEEN every single day. Choose from 16 colors or pay an extra $5 to customize a keytag in any color with a personalized message just right for Mom. 

    'Queen' Keytag ($15, Various Keytags)

  • Light Box With Letters, Numbers & Symbols


    This fully customizable light box is a fun addition for any busy household run by an incredibly pithy mom. Mom can use the included letters, numbers, and symbols to share a message for the family, for guests, or even for her Instagram followers.

    Lightbox With Letters, Numbers & Symbols ($15, Amazon)

  • Pastel Gemstone Bracelet


    This gorgeous bracelet is adorned in all the best pastel-colored gems, including pale blue glass, agate, jade, white magnesite, and pink quartz. For larger budgets, order a few to give Mom an inspired layered look. This gold-plated bracelet comes in a gift box, too, so wrapping is a snap!

    Dainty Pastel Gemstone Bracelet ($24, NestPrettyThingsShop/Etsy)

  • Sephora Collection Face Masks


    Face masks are giving us life right now, and we love this assortment from Sephora. Choose from eight mask types: Algae (purifying & detoxifying), Avocado (nourishing & repairing), Green Tea (mattifying & anti-blemish), Lotus (moisturizing & soothing), Orchid (anti-aging & smoothing), Pearl (perfecting & brightening), Pomegranate (anti-fatigue & energizing), or Rose (ultra-moisturizing & brightening). Right now, they're even running a Buy 3 - Get 1 Free promotion, so you can get Mom 4 masks for just $18 if you hurry. 

    Sephora Collection Face Masks ($6 each, Sephora)

  • Hey Mama Floral Ceramic Coffee Mug


    It's hard to have a faraway mom or grandma, but here's a way to send her love and a sweet "Hey Mama" each and every day, as she sips her morning favorite. This colorful mug with gold accents will become a fast favorite in her collection. 

    Hey Mama Floral Ceramic Coffee Mug ($19, Always Fits)

  • Effervescent Bath Bombs


    Here's a BOMB gift every busy mom will love -- she can relax those tense muscles, draw out toxins, make her skin silky smooth, and take like 10 minutes to her freakin' self. The five signature scents of these effervescent bath bombs include Original (milk, oatmeal, vanilla, vetiver), Marine (fresh sea air, morning mist, beach grass), Honeysuckle (honeysuckle nectar, herbacous greens), Lemon Verbena (citrus with herbaceous notes), or Blood Orange Amber (essential orange and amber oils).

    Barr-Co Bath Bomb ($6 each, Gracious Home)

  • Weekly Agenda Pads


    OMG, we love these extra-wide weekly agenda planner pads. Overbooked moms can plan out the family's week, hang it up for all to see and follow, and then tear it off on Sunday to take on a fresh new week. And moms with older kids can delegate the filling-out part to the teens! Choose from three lovely designs: Charlie, Foliage, or Canary Colorbloc.

    Agenda Pads ($18, Our Heiday)

  • Houseplants & Hot Sauce: A Seek-and-Find Book for Grown-Ups


    Remember those fun seek 'n' find activity books for kids? Those were fun, huh? Well, now it's Mom's turn to take back that kind of fun for herself. This creative activity book for grown-ups features illustrated scenes full of funny challenges that'll make the kids super jealous. Art by Sally Nixon.

    Houseplants & Hot Sauce: A Seek-and-Find Book for Grown-Ups ($14, Chronicle Books)

  • Herringbone Pestemal Beach Towels


    It's just a mom's luck that she'll end up on the beach with one cheek on a sandy SpongeBob towel and the other in the actual sand. But no more, once she's gifted ones of these gorgeous beach towels. They're lovely and lightweight for toting to the pool or beach and they dry quickly in the sun. Choose from 11 colors, including Turquoise (shown here).

    Herringbone Pestemal Beach Towels by Linum Home Textiles ($24, Target)

  • Recycled Bamboo & Cork Canisters


    Can any human being have too many pretty containers? We think not. Load up one of these midcentury-inspired bamboo and cork canisters with Mom's favorite coffee, tea, or treats, and you'll have a wonderful, personalized gift! 

    Recycled Bamboo & Cork Canisters by Ekobo ($24, Food 52)

  • Floral Sleep Mask


    Show us any woman in the thick of motherhood, and we'll show you a woman who needs some sleep. Help a mom get some zzz's with one of these cotton voile sleep masks in a cheery floral pattern. We're also not ruling out the idea of gifting some earplugs on the side. Because that would also be nice. 

    Eye Mask in Signature Prints ($15, Plum Pretty Sugar)

  • Concrete Geometric Planter


    It's a charming, handmade planter and a geometry lesson all in one. What is an octahedron again? Here's one! Tuck in a tiny succulent or air plant, and Mom will have something lovely to sit in her favorite window sill. 

    Concrete Geometric Original Mini Octahedron Vessel ($14, ConcreteGeometric/Etsy)

  • 'Mom Hair Don't Care' T-Shirt


    Let this be the day we celebrate how little time there is for moms to do it all! "Mom Hair Don't Care" -- and neither do we, because she's a good mom doing her very best every day. Gift this cute gray cotton tee to any good, messy-haired mom you love. Available in sizes S-3XL.

    'Mom Hair Don't Care' T-Shirt ($24, Look Human)

  • Minty Lavender Tea


    Time for the great escape ... even if that means simply gifting Mom with an absolutely decadent cup of tea. This blend of tea and mint leaves, lavender buds, and horsetail greenery can bring on a lovely case of clarity and calm. It's delicious and loaded with herby benefits, including a nervous system regulator, an anxiety eraser, a total system de-stressor, and much more. And oh, that cute pink canister ... 

    Minty Lavender Tea ($20 for 15 tea sachets, Olive & June)

  • #BonusMom Candle


    Mothers-in-law can get a bad rap out there, so celebrate the good one in your life with this sweet hand-poured soy candle. Choose from 10 wonderful scents, and add a personalized message to the back for no extra charge. You can even get these candles customized for that awesome stepmom or other #BonusMom you adore! 

    Mother in Law Soy Candle ($18, Vibesandcompany/Etsy)

  • Instagram Friendly Books


    This sweet, little Instagram book is a fun, easy little gift that every grandma will adore. Because you're going to load it up with cute pics of her grandkids, of course. Just click the book size and "Make Your Book." Then you'll select "Add Images" and choose "Instagram" to connect directly to your feed -- no uploading required. Then plug in the pics you want. This is a perfectly sized "brag book" for gram to carry in her purse. 

    Instagram Friendly Books ($15+, Artifact Uprising)

  • Striped Mini Note Cards Set


    If you have one of those moms who put cute, little notes in your school lunch every day -- and she still loves to drop you a line whenever possible -- why not send her this black-and-white striped note card set that comes with 12 mini note cards and 12 brown mini envelopes? Yes, this will encourage her, but you know you love it. 

    I Love Stripes Mini Flat Cards & Minilopes ($15, stationeryboutique/Etsy)

  • Mixed Material Statement Earrings


    These gorgeous dangle earrings turn a lovely combination of ceramic, zinc, resin, wood, and steel into showstopping statement jewelry. She'll love wearing these babies out on the town. 

    Combined Earrings ($20, Zara)

  • Brass Table Clock


    How elegant, modern ... and affordable! This brass table clock is perfect for her desk but also sophisticated enough to make mantel status. Plus, there's no annoying tick-tock sound since the clock has a silent quartz movement. We like that! 

    Brass SNOFSA Table Clock ($13, Ikea)

  • Brass Book Darts


    Book-loving moms will love this cute, reusable tin full of brass book darts. She can mark a passage she wants to remember or save her spot in a novel. Pair this with a good book of poetry, if you have a little more to spend. 

    Book Darts ($10, Schoolhouse Electric)

  • Popsicle Watering Can


    Time for that garden lover you know to trade in her beat-up old plastic thing for this vibrant and glossy watering can made from enameled zinc. Choose from three happy-making colors, including Coral (shown), Pink, or Green. Holds 1.9 liters of water. 

    Popsicle Watering Can ($24, Terrain)

  • Spotted Ceramic Butter Box


    This ceramic box bedecked with tiny spots and a wooden lid makes a delightful gift. Sure, it's designed to be the cutest butter box in the world -- and we certainly love that -- but this charming little vessel can hold jewelry or cotton balls or sticky notes or anything, really! Choose from Citron or Black. 

    Spotted Ceramic Butter Box ($18, Leif)