This Mom Just Admitted She Has STD -- 'Shopping at Target Disorder' -- & She Is All of Us

shopping at target disorder
The Holderness Family/Facebook

It takes a special woman to admit to something as serious as an STD -- you know, a Shopping at Target Disorder. It's an affliction that affects countless moms every single day, with hours spent wandering around Target and hundreds of dollars spent on stuff you definitely don't need. It can be really hard to talk about. Luckily, one brave mom and her husband have opened up about the STD that's affecting their family, and they've made us realize that we may be suffering from one of our own. 

  • Kim Holderness has a problem.

    In a hilarious PSA video with her husband, Penn, she made the somber admission. "The toughest day in any marriage is when you find out that your wife has an STD," Penn said, "and that day is today. Kim has a Shopping at Target Disorder."

    While everything in Kim's life seemed normal at first, it wasn't long before the symptoms became clear -- and very familiar to those of us who have this particular disorder. 

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  • First came the missing chunks of time.

    Stepping out for "dish soap" turned into hours-long romps through Target store aisles. It wasn't until the funny mom came home with bags full of useless stuff she just "absolutely had to have" -- and no soap -- that her family realized something was wrong. Who among us hasn't been two Target bags away from a full-blown family intervention? 

  • The zombie-like state was next.

    Instead of picking up the kids from school or practice like she planned, she often found herself looking like an extra straight out of The Walking Dead, aimlessly wandering through the Dollar Spot, having no idea how she got there.

  • Finally, she started weaving a not-so-intricate web of lies about the stuff she bought.

    Every time her husband or one of the kids would notice something new in the house, she'd have to lie -- very badly -- to convince them that it didn't come from Target. You mean that isn't normal? 

  • Kim Holderness's Shopping at Target Disorder was bad, real bad. But her husband is dedicated to fighting the illness with her.

    He even came up with a "treatment" for her STD. There are no long therapy sessions or quitting cold turkey. He pretty much just follows her around Target and blows an airhorn in her face whenever she feels the urge to buy something she doesn't need. "It's really just a gentle reminder to stick to her list," Penn said.

  • As we all know, Kim isn't nearly the first mom to have this disorder, but her bravery has drawn other moms to speak out.

    shopping at target disorder facebook comment
  • Even moms who got rid of their Shopping at Target Disorder for a while ended up back in the store.

    shopping at target disorder facebook comment
  • Some have given up on ever finding a cure.

    shopping at target disorder facebook comment
  • Like a lot of moms, Kim Holderness isn't even interested in curing her Shopping at Target Disorder.

    "No interest in stopping it," she said at the end of their video. "I love it."  

    We can totally relate to that, honestly. So what if we spend a little too much money on throw pillows we'll never use and unicorn ice cream we have no room for in our freezer? So what if we diligently look forward to the days we can steal away and spend a few peaceful, bliss-filled hours in the most welcoming place on earth? Our Shopping at Target Disorders aren't going anywhere, and we're totally cool with that!