Mom's Hysterical Cartoons Nail How Parenting Changes With the 1st Kid vs. the 2nd Kid

Jordyn Smith | Nov 6, 2018 Being a Mom

firstborn vs second born comics
The Messycow Comics

The fact that first and second babies are raised and handled differently is probably the worst-kept parenting secret ever. The journey with first little one is full of trepidation, worry, and the annoying habit of doubting every single decision made. There's something about the combination of being exhausted from the first kid, feeling like the whole parenting thing has been broken down to a perfect science, and finally finding calm in the chaos, that just makes parenting the second baby -- and every one after that -- a little easier. Even if we don't always want to admit it, the differing experiences we have as second-time parents can be pretty hilarious. 

Parents haven't really always been able to articulate these differences without feeling guilty, though. Even though we know we love and care for our second kid just as much as our first, talking about the more relaxed parenting style that comes with having multiple kids doesn't always come across in the best way. Luckily, cute comics have always been known to make hard-to-talk-about concepts a little easier to digest. 

Trying to highlight some of that hilarity -- and touch on the often ridiculous nature of being a parent in general -- Weng Chen of Messycow Comics has created a comic series that displays the awesomely honest differences parents have with firstborns and second-borns. Her comic strips are colorful, sweet, relatable, funny, and, at times, a little too real.

So read on and let us know -- which comic was the most crazily accurate of all?


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