Fed-Up Mom Calls Out Her Kid for Being an 'A**hole' & People Are Cheering Her on Twitter


While most of us are well aware of the fact that our kids are pretty big a**holes, very few of us are actually willing to admit it. Talking about our kids' bad behavior in such frank terms still makes most of us feel like "bad parents" who don't "appreciate" our children. Now, one mom -- who was completely fed up with the stigma associated with discussing our kids in ways that aren't necessarily "nice" -- is ready for all of us to admit that children are a**holes, and people are totally on her side.

  • Malieka Roman took to Twitter after her 3-year-old daughter decided it would be fun to purposely pour her juice all over the floor.

    "That makes her an a**hole," she said. "Don't shame me." Roman also encouraged every parent out there to end the stigma that causes us to refuse to pinpoint our kids' behavior as being a**hole-adjacent.

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  • Some people really didn't like the mom's suggestion.

    Instead of calling their kids names, one wrote, "teach them the right way." 

  • The vast majority of parents, however, were totally on board.

    One mom shared that she and her husband often refer to their toddlers as "TFAs," which coincidentally and hilariously translates to "tiny f*ckin' a**holes." 

  • Another Twitter user described how frustrated she gets when her mischievous daughter steals things from her brother.

  • And some parents described kids that are into some pretty next-level a**holery.

  • Of course, confessions about a**hole kids wouldn't be complete without the total destruction of a mom's self-esteem.

  • In an interview with BuzzFeed, Roman insisted that admitting your kids are a**holes doesn't make you a bad parent.

    In fact, she wasn't even angry about her daughter's little juice pouring incident. "I really wanted to laugh, but you've got to be a parent," she said.

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    With her husband deployed and a 3-year-old and an 8-month-old both vying for all of her time, she believes her daughter acts out a little to get some attention. The mother shared that when calling her kids ass*oles, she doesn't even actually say it to their faces. "I just mumble it under my breath, when she walks away."

    Roman's admission isn't necessarily pretty, but it's realistic as hell. Even if we don't say it out loud, there's no denying that while we love them to death, kids are some of the biggest a**holes out there.