Dear Husband, This Mom Didn't Clean Because She Was Too Damn Busy Doing Everything Else

Messy kitchen
Jordan Harrell, Writer/Facebook

When life gets a bit hectic, there are certain things that moms need to let go of in order to survive. For some, it might be letting the laundry pile up a bit more than they'd like or opting to leave the dirty dishes in the sink in order to squeeze in some extra time with the kids. For Jordan Harrell, it was the state of her kitchen that fell by the wayside, and she fully intended to tackle the mess -- just as soon as she had a free second.


The mother of three told her husband she was going to take care of the growing state of chaos, but like many busy moms can understand, she just never got the chance. So before her husband even had the opportunity to question the lack of improvement that night, she broke down exactly why the junk remained.

"First, I walked in to the kitchen with the sole intention of cleaning it. I picked up the hair brush and rubber bands off the kitchen table and walked to the bathroom to put them in the drawer," she wrote on her Facebook page, Jordan Harrell, Writer. "While in the bathroom I noticed a pile of towels on the floor that had been laying there, fermenting for several days, so I grabbed the towels and headed to the laundry room."

Messy kitchen
Jordan Harrell, Writer/Facebook

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Naturally, once she was there she decided to get a load started since "both hampers were spilling over and the room smelled like cat pee and B.O. had a baby." She then turned around to refocus on the original task at hand: the kitchen. 

"But on my way to the kitchen I was sighted by Child B. A hangry Child B. The child and her whines followed me into the kitchen, where I promptly handed her a cheese stick and told her to go eat it in the garage (because the kitchen is being cleaned right now, obviously)," she wrote.

However, in that moment, she realized that she completely forgot to email her kiddo's teacher back about a pressing Valentine's Day party matter, so she stopped in order to respond. "As I opened the computer, Child C rushed in screaming because his cape fell off. I fixed the cape, but didn't fix it the right way, so he immediately melted to the floor," she wrote. "I carried Child C kicking and screaming to his room to calm down."

As he kicked the door, she headed back to her room but couldn't remember what she was supposed to be doing on the coputer. "Fifteen minutes of Facebook later, I shut the computer," she wrote. "I walked into the kitchen only to realize the oven clock showed it was time to pick up Child A from school."

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And there you have it, the reality of motherhood where it feels like you're constantly doing everything, with never-ending tasks in front of you, without ever feeling like you're making progress:

"So, no. It's not clean. Nothing is ever clean. My life is just a constant state of doing and never completing.

I just thought I'd let you know the situation, so you won't ask about the state of the kitchen.

Not that you ever would. :)

Love you forever,

Your Wife

P.S. Remind me to email Child B's teacher."

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