Viral Post Nails Why There's No Such Thing as Being 'Just' a Stay-at-Home Mom

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To the outside world, parenting might look like an easy job. You feed your kids, you keep their clothes clean and their diapers changed, and you make sure they get to sleep at a reasonable time each night. But the moms and dads who do the hard work of raising kids each day know there's more to the job than meets the eye. Sometimes it's grueling, and it can be lonely. And blogger Casey Huff has a powerful message for all the stay-at-home moms out there who feel like they're sometimes taken for granted.


"Dear Stay-at-Home Mamas," she writes in a post shared on the popular Facebook page Her View From Home. "Anyone who puts the word 'just' in front of your job title simply doesn’t understand ... they don't realize what being 'just' a stay-at-home mom is all about. They probably don't realize that although you love this job and you CHOSE this job -- that doesn't discount how tough it is."

Her View From Home/Facebook

Huff, who usually blogs on her website, Etched at Home, writes that onlookers who say someone is "just" a stay-at-home mom don't realize "that some days, no amount of coffee can give you the energy you need in order to keep up with the little souls in your charge." They don't understand "how heavy it can sit on your heart when you feel like you've lost sight of your purpose" or "the feeling of regret in your heart after a day where your patience was too thin and your to-do list was too long."

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But it doesn't matter what they think anyway, says Huff, because she and all the other moms in your shoes know exactly how hard you're fighting. "I see how you're on the clock, AROUND the clock -- and around and around and around. I know what a blessing it is to be with your child every moment of every day. I know what a burden it is to be with your child every moment of every day. I know how heavy it can feel when you lose sight of your purpose outside of motherhood. I know how it feels to grieve the loss of the identity you once held close," she writes.

And, more than that, Huff wants the stay-at-home moms out there to know that it -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- is all okay. "Give yourself permission, Mama. It's okay that you long for a break, and even more okay when you actually get one. That invitation for a ladies' night? That coffee date at a friend's house when you let your kids run wild in the other room while you laugh freely in the kitchen? That weekend when your parents beg for some time with their grandkids? I hope you take those chances -- and I hope you take them guilt free."

As parents, we know raising our kids is important, but it doesn't always feel like we matter or that our efforts are appreciated. Half the time, our kids ignore everything we say, and the other half we're meal planning and making schedules and trying to keep an entire household running while they run behind us and tear it all up. It's easy to feel disillusioned. But Huff's post was just what moms needed to remember how important they truly are.

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One mom in the comments shared that she stays home with her four kids, including one who has special needs, and she struggles with how little people seem to understand her day-to-day life.

Another mom wrote that Huff's post was "just what [she] needed" after being woken up by her 5-year-old's night terrors.

To those moms and every other mom out there, Huff wants you to know one very important thing: You matter. "I know how badly you want this job, and that although it is far from glamorous, you would fight tooth and nail to keep it. I know how lucky you feel to be there for first smiles, first words, and first steps. I know how proudly you flaunt the badge of 'Mom' for the world to see," she writes. "Above all, I know that what you're doing matters."

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