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  • He even messes around with some of the cleaning equipment.

    Who doesn't love it when their husband goes all "Magic Mike" with the vacuum cleaner? 

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  • After posting his photos on Reddit, the husband made a few admissions about the intricacies of his sexy pictures.

    "Notice how the power cord on the vacuum is all wrapped up and not even plugged in," he wrote. "I was definitely more into the pictures than the cleaning." 

  • Luckily, people loved it anyway.

    Many women left comments saying that the sexy photos totally would have worked on them. 

  • Some suggested that he expand his photo series a little further.

    "You should make a calendar," said one user. 

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  • Other husbands shared that they had been inspired to do something similar for their wives.

    We're not sure how much of this guy's house actually got sufficiently cleaned, but we have no doubt that his wife loved the photos as much as everyone else. Even if they didn't succeed in "turning her on," they surely gave her a few laughs.