This Mom Just Nailed What Every Day Looks Like for Boy Moms



Whether you have one boy or five, you likely identify as a "boy mom" and quite possibly have encountered a fair share of hilarious, wacky, and maybe sometimes truly gross behavior. Deva, the social media comedian behind "MyLifeSuckers," wants moms of boys to know that if their son loves humor related to bodily functions or seems to be a bottomless pit for food and drinks of all varieties, they're not alone. She also wants moms of girls to know exactly what boy moms deal with every damn day

  • In this now-viral video, Deva is on a mission to prove that boy moms definitely experience "different" things than girl moms.

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  • Like, oh, there's the whole "farting just for the helluv it, because it's so damn funny" thing.

  • And then, the fact that your kid might very well drink straight from the sink. Because why not?

  • Oh, and don't forget about how they're bound to guzzle milk right from the carton.

    No matter how many times you tell them not to.

  • Boy moms also need to be on high alert that they could become the target of a water gun. At. Any. Time.

  • Not to mention slathered in some form of dirt, mud, or whatever nastiness your son has gotten his hands in that day.

    These are just a few of the things that women with sons learn to live with -- and maybe even love -- about being a boy mom. Given that Deva's video has 7.6 million views and counting, not to mention over 160K shares, being a boy mom is something plenty of us are proud of. Stinky messes be damned!