New Moms Share the Batsh*t Crazy Things Their Mothers-in-Law Did After Becoming Grandmas

Grandma and baby

Navigating time with mothers-in-law can be a tricky dynamic, no matter how much you love your partner or want to have a good relationship with their parents. Even for those who got along perfectly fine before a grandchild was in the picture, it seems to be an unwritten rule that as soon as a baby bump is in play, it's like an invitation for some to kick their overbearing tendencies up a notch (or three). After one MIL went into seriously "intimate detail" with her DIL about things her husband made her do while pregnant, this anonymous mom asked others on the website What to Expect to share the first crazy thing their partners' moms did after becoming grandmas. Not only are the responses seriously infuriating, but many are also completely relatable -- and explain why so many in-laws get a bad rap. 

  • This MIL took the 2-week-old to visit friends -- without mom's permission.

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  • She thinks she deserves a "shared" schedule with the newborn.

  • She got ahead of herself and announced "her baby" on Facebook before mom.

  • This MIL judged mom's breastfeeding goals and accused her of "faking" it when she nursed with a cover.

  • She accused mom of keeping the grandkid away from her ... when she was only six months pregnant.

  • After they announced the pregnancy, this MIL judged how long it took to conceive.

  • This MIL completely took over mom's maternity leave -- and not in a good way.

  • This MIL guilted mom after a stillbirth at 33 weeks for not making her son a father.

  • Despite a traumatic delivery, this MIL tried to see the baby before mom could.

  • This MIL guilted mom after miscarrying because all of her friends had grandkids...

  • Instead of being excited, this MIL questioned whether the pregnancy was an accident.

  • Not only did she make the miscarriage completely about her, this MIL blabbed to everyone about it.

  • After bringing up the ex and shaming mom postpartum, this MIL told the preemie that she'd be "a lot cuter" one day.