10 Struggles Only Moms in Their 30s Will Understand

Modern Family/Fox

Modern Family/Fox

When we were kids, parents in their 30s seemed like bona fide grown ups -- moms and dads we could turn to who could handle anything and who would always have all the answers. Time flies when you're busy changing diapers, and now we're the moms in our 30s. Now that we're here, we know that being a mom in your 30s definitely isn't as calm and comfortable as it looked when we were kids. The struggle is still real, even if we are old enough to remember when Titantic was in theaters. Here are just a few of the struggles only moms in their 30s will understand.

  • 1. All of your favorite songs are on the oldies station.

    You don't recognize half of the people performing at the Grammys and miss the dearly departed version of Taylor Swift. And since when did the Backstreet Boys become "easy listening"?

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  • 2. Getting carded is cause for celebration.

    Please don't say that you have to ask everyone for their ID. Just let us have this moment. 

  • 3. Your favorite childhood toys are more popular than ever ... and they're terrible.

    My Little Ponies are everywhere and the Easy-Bake Oven is still a thing, but the new versions just aren't as cool as the ones you remember growing up. Time to drag that box of old toys out of the attic and be a hero in your kids' eyes. On the bright side, at least now that you're a grown-up you actually have the ability to buy the entire American Girl catalog.  

  • 4. You have no idea where to shop for clothes.

    Walking into grown-up stores like J.Jill alone makes you feel like an unsupervised child who needs her mom, and whoever came up with the name Forever 21 is a liar. This is why leggings rule. 

  • 5. Most of your social events include hyper preschoolers and goodie bags.

    You make plans with the girls, and then have to cancel when one of your kids gets sick. Or you and your hubs plan a much-needed date night, only to have the sitter text you last minute to say she forgot she has a basketball game. Let's face it, "going out" these days means the party doesn't get started until at least 10 ... 10 a.m. that is. 

  • 6. Hello, random aches and pains.

    You used to be able to do a full workout at the gym without feeling it the next day, but once your body has seen three decades, it's like a magic flip is switched. Suddenly bending over to change a diaper, carrying the baby for too long, or sleeping in the wrong position is enough to make you wake up wanting the heating pad. Now we know why our own parents all had memberships to Costco -- so they could buy Advil in bulk. 

  • 7. You worry about pimples and wrinkles at the same time.

    Give us all the creams and serums, please.

  • 8. You have zero bladder control.

    Is it because having kids destroyed our bladders? Is it because we're drinking our weight in coffee to counteract the sleep deprivation? Is it a strange biological thing that happens when your own kids are potty training that you have to go as often as they do? Who knows, just tell me where the restroom is please because I can't hold it much longer. 

  • 9. Your kid's favorite foods might turn against you.

    Sure, the kids might love Spaghettios and Taco Tuesday, but after years of a committed relationship with junk food, your 30s might find you regretting that third taco in the middle of the night. You don't want to make two dinners, but what's a mom to do when the kids won't eat salad, and cheese pizza gives you heartburn? At least we can watch our kids eat the good stuff.

  • 10. Younger moms will ask you for parenting advice.

    Don't freak them out by cluing them in to the fact that even though you're older, you're also parenting by the seat of your pants. Instead admire their excellent taste, and know you're clearly rocking being a mom in her 30s. 

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