11 Hysterical Parents Get Real About Their New Year's Resolutions


We're just days away from starting a brand new year, and that means we're all feeling inspired. Like life newbies, we find ourselves believing anything is possible and we really can achieve whatever we put our minds too. Well, not to burst any bubbles, but those New Year's resolutions aren't exactly notorious for sticking, and when you're a parent, it's twice as hard. That's why it's important to be realistic when we're setting our goals, and the funny parents of Twitter have done just that. Here, 11 of the realest and most hilarious tweets about the reality of making (and keeping) New Year's resolutions when you have kids.

  • 1. First things first: catch up on the resolutions you didn't have time for this year.

    So, the 2017 resolutions didn't go as planned. We've got kids, okay? We're busy picking Play-Doh out of the rug and eating leftover chicken nuggets. 

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  • 2. It's important to focus on the essentials.

    Organization guru Marie Kondo tells people to get rid of anything that doesn't bring them joy. For most of us, this includes pants. Let's hear it for the leggings in 2018. 

  • 3. Honesty is the best policy.

    Two weeks? I was thinking more like two days. That's really an accomplishment.

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  • 4. It happens.

    It's our job to help our kids improve, right? Slap those resolutions on a chore chart and give them some stickers. Bonus points if they resolve to fold their own damn laundry.

  • 5. Kids say the darnedest things?

    I wonder what the little brother's resolution is? It's probably something like "seek vengeance on my older brother for his terrible resolution." Best of luck, mom. 

  • 6. Resolve to do better, kid.

    Make it easy on yourself. Resolve to issue 4,000 timeouts. You can reach that goal.

  • 7. The parent's eternal struggle.

    You can sleep in 2019. (No, you can't.)

  • 8. Maybe next year. But probably not.

    Hey, you can still be a new you in a new year with the swearing. All of the swearing.

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  • 9. At least this one is attainable.

    This kid's 2018 Crumb-A-Palooza might pair well with every mom's resolution to start cleaning more. It won't happen but at least the crackers are a nice reminder to think about it.

  • 10. Nice try, kids.

    Jennifer Garner inspired us this year with her Day Of Yes for her kids. But she's a fancy celebrity with tons of money and free time. Regular parents can't just go around saying yes to things all willy nilly. Who do you think we are, kids? Magic genies? 

  • 11. Now there's a true goal.

    Lifting is exercise in any form.

    Happy New Year!

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