This Mom's Rant About Changing Her Postpartum 'Goals' Is So On-Point

Olivia White

Fashion and mom blogger Olivia White has a reputation for telling it like it is on social media. Back in May, she got real about her C-section, winning rounds of applause around the internet for her candid talk about her recovery. And with her latest post on the pressure moms feel to "bounce back" after having a baby, she's gone and knocked it out of the park again.


The mom of two, who lives in Australia, took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in a one-piece bathing suit, looking positively joyful. 


But in the caption, White admits that after giving birth to her daughter Annabelle, "the thought of getting in a swimsuit made me feel physically ill." 

The mom of two continues, "I had struggled so much during my pregnancy with all the changes that happened [to] my body that it took me so long after to come to terms with the changes it had made and feel some what comfortable in my own skin again."

She then took aim at the magazines that sell a false, toxic idea of what is expected of women after giving birth, writing, "Society leads us to believe that all eyes are on our 'post baby body' and everyone's got to 'bounce back.'" White observes, "Look at any mag on the shelf ... you'll see 'so and so bounces back after baby,' 'blaa blaa's new bod' (they achieved with 5 personal trainers, chefs and 10 nannies to look after their kids) or my fav 'lose 10kg in 5 weeks' because those ten kilos are the things holding you back from being happy in your own skin?!"

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But the bottomline is that these "headlines are crushing your self esteem and people are trying to make money from breeding insecurity in vulnerable women," White writes. Bravo! 

It seems that meditating on this empowered her to feel more comfortable in her own skin and to stop "focusing on a unrealistic ideas about a goal weight," she writes. The proud mom says she opted instead to turn her 'focus and 'goals' to being happy, enjoying my life and promised to never miss a moment with my girls just because of a dislike of how I looked in a [swimsuit]." She concludes, "I rock it pretty well." And of course, she admits, when her "darling daughter asked to take a photo" of her, it was impossible to say no.

White hits the nail on the head. The BS that's out there, pressuring women to look a certain way or zero in on a a rapid postpartum "slim-down" is all too real. And the debilitating insecurities that White describes are all too relatable. In just the seven hours since she shared the post, White has received more than 1,200 likes and numerous supportive comments.



Props to White for sharing her experience and inspiring this conversation, as it's one we should continue having. The more we call society's bluff when it comes to unrealistic expectations around post-baby bodies, the happier and healthier we'll all be. 

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