The 'Lazy' Mom's Holiday Bucket List

A Bad Moms Christmas/STX

It's the most wonderful time of the year, they say. Your kids have been looking forward to it for months, they tell you. The problem is, sometimes there's just a little too much holiday during the holidays. There are so many things at the holidays, and sometimes a mom needs a way to give herself a break from all the magic. It's not because you're a bad person or that you don't want your kids to have a great holiday, it's just that you're lazy. And that's okay! Actually, we think "energy efficient" is a more accurate description. Here are 10 ways to make sure your holiday is energy efficient:

  • 1. Enjoy holiday lights from the comfort of your own home!

    Why go out into subzero weather to look at other people's Christmas lights when you can put on your own show at home? Grab some lamps and a few extension cords and get all Stranger Things up in your living room. Add red and green light bulbs for extra ohs and ahs.

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  • 2. Enjoy festive holiday cookies ... made by someone else.

    Baking four dozen sugar cookies with your children sounds great, but you know what would be way more fun? Enjoying the holiday samples at your local Costco. Bring dress-up costumes and go back for seconds!

  • 3. Why wait in a line for Santa when you can find your own?

    Nothing's more exciting than getting to see Santa, but standing in the three-hour, soul-sucking line at the mall sounds like a nightmare. Save time and money by finding a Craigslist Santa! (Note: Be prepared for Santa's backup: his cousin, Pumpkin Scott.)

  • 4. Visit with virtual grandma instead of real grandma.

    Holidays are a time for families to get together and remind themselves why they only see each other once a year. But traveling with kids is hard, and Skype is pretty easy to use. Don't worry, Grandma. It'll be like you're in the room with us.

  • 5. Last-minute shopping means last-minute deals!

    It's possible that in the middle of sipping your hot cocoa in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, you'll realize that you forgot to buy your child their stocking stuffers. Never fear! This is the reason that grocery stores are open late on Christmas Eve. And at five minutes till closing, you won't believe the deal you'll get on Stocking Bacon.

  • 6. Wrapping doesn't have to mean crisp paper and curly bows.

    Sometimes, the elves do a beautiful job wrapping presents -- other times, they get tired and run out of want-to. It happens. That's when it's time to look around the house (the elf house, of course) and use what's available. Here, child, behold your environmentally conscious recycled garbage surprise. (Did we mention this was the elves' fault? Just checking.)

  • 7. Here's a fun game to play in the snow: pull Mommy.

    If your kids want to go play in the snow for the sixth time that day and demand that you come along, we suggest a fun game called, "How Far Can You Pull Mommy?" We also suggest using a sled, unless you like snow in your pants.

  • 8. Amazon, oh Amazon, how beautiful your boxes ...

    Of course, we all want to shop locally. But sometimes, lord, the fight just isn't in us. That's when Amazon, our Christmas BFF, comes to the rescue. Clickity-click-click-DONE.

  • 9. Explore the limits of the word "tree."

    Christmas tree hunting can be a lot of fun, said someone somewhere at some point. And, hey, some people love it. But if you don't, and you're going out to chop down your own tree, why go for the biggest and the fullest? Give the little guys some love. Happy holidays, Christmas Twig.

  • 10. Let's go see a reindeer-ish!

    Where the heck does a mom find a reindeer? Why, there's probably one at your feet right now! Get your pup in some antlers, tell your kids to stand at the other side of the room and squint, and voilà: You’ve got Dasher. Hurray!

    It might not have all the bells and whistles of other families' holidays, but magic is what you make it. And sometimes the magic you make with Costco samples and a dog in light-up antlers is the best kind of magic of all. Now go take your nap. Happy holidays!