16 Cute & Clever Ways to Celebrate the Arrival of Elf on the Shelf


It's almost that time of year again! And for some of us, we can barely wait until the Thanksgiving dessert is eaten before we start plotting our favorite holiday activity of the year: The Elf on the Shelf . That's right, we just love taking the 25 days up until Christmas to come up with as many fun and festive elf scenarios as possible. And there is no greater way to kick off the little scamps mischievous Christmas journey than by the perfectly planned Elf Arrival. 


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While throughout the holidays it's nice to get the Elf  up to all sorts of trouble, from pulling pranks like decorating the toilet, to sneaking around doing work for Santa, for the Elf Arrival one might want to make a bigger splash. Lots of moms will be introducing their little ones to The Elf this year -- and some are just welcoming their elves back after a long break since last Christmas. Either way, many take this arrival as a way to start the season early, encourage good behavior, or just let the kids know that there is a little magic in the air!

We found some of the best Elf Arrival ideas, that real moms did to kick off the holidays. And while some moms did go the extravagant route, there are plenty of ideas that are quick an easy. Whether an arrival is funny or sweet, this little guy always gets us into the Christmas spirit.

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