Hysterical Video Shows What Really Goes on When Moms Are in the Bathroom

Mom So Hard with Liz/Facebook

The bathroom is one of the few places moms can go to seek refuge in a storm of household chaos. While hiding out in the bathroom is a secret most moms put together on their own, we've managed to keep it pretty hush-hush from the rest of the world. Until now, of course. This hilarious mother is showing the world what really goes on when moms claim they're using the potty

  • The video, which was posted on the Facebook page Mom So Hard with Liz MW, starts out pretty innocently ...

    Liz can be seen walking into the bathroom, yelling to her family, "Be right back, I'm going to poop."

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  • Things go left pretty quickly after that, with her immediately pulling out a pack of Oreos from underneath her shirt.

    Liz is shown shoving her mouth full of cookies.

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  • Next, she catches up on her reading while sitting on the toilet.

    Which is obviously the most comfortable reading spot in the house. 

  • After that, Liz gives herself a much-needed pep talk in the bathroom mirror.

    "You are unstoppable," she says to herself, passionately. "You will get through this day, you can do this." 

    What mom hasn't said these exact words to herself before?

  • Liz even decides to catch up on a bit of exercise.

    Never mind the fact that she's fully clothed in jeans and a cardigan. She goes from squats to some pretty impressive knee-highs with very little difficulty.

  • In a move that's way too relatable, she then starts checking herself out in the mirror.

    She sucks in her tummy, sees how her butt looks in the jeans she has on. She even breaks out in an adorable little twerk just for the hell of it.

  • After all that work, it's back to the toilet for some quality phone time gossip and nonsensical ranting.

    "And I was like, do you want to be me though?" she says to the person on the other line. "Like do you want to be me? Because you can't, you can't be me." 

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    Pretty much everything she does is almost embarrassingly relatable to other moms, from checking out her butt in the mirror to stuffing her face with junk food she probably stole from her kids. On their own, these actions are hilarious, but they're also incredibly real -- which makes them even more hysterical. 

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