Mom Brain Is Real & These Hilarious Instagram Photos Prove It


Pregnancy and motherhood come with a lot of changes. For starters, you created an entirely new human being (go you!). You also probably gained a few new stresses, some exhaustion, some crazy hormones, and a few body changes to boot. But the wildest change? Your sudden inability to remember freaking anything. Mommy brain is a real thing we all experience from time to time (likely more often than we want to admit), and these moms are sharing their hilarious mix-ups on Instagram so we can all laugh (and cry) together.

  • 1. Nothing like starting the morning off with a nice cup of hot ... formula.

    At least you won't need to add cream.

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  • 2. How about a little chargrilled toast with your formula?

    Third time is the charm -- unless someone needs a diaper change.

  • 3. This mom legit tried to put on a baby sock.

    I mean, it almost fit her toes. Sort of.

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  • 4. Sometimes you just get a craving for English "wuffins."

    At least they sound adorable.

  • 5. This mom accidentally left her breast milk in the car.

    Note: It's totally okay to cry over spilled milk in this situation.

  • 6. This mom gets dressed just like everyone else: two different shoes at a time.

    They're both black, so that's close enough TBH.

  • 7. Something tells me the toddler isn't going to eat this one.

    It's not burned, it's just well done.

  • 8. Sometimes you're the coffee, and sometimes you're the upside down mug.

    Just soak it up with a burp cloth and move on.

  • 9. This mom put the wrong lid back on the milk.

    I mean, it'd be easier to drink out of the carton that way.

  • 10. Ah, the classic orange juice in cereal mix-up.

    Let's hope she noticed before she took a bite.

  • 11. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "grab a cold one."

    At least it might inspire someone to clean the fridge.

  • 12. On the plus side, the butter is really close to the knives.

    This probably means there's some silverware in the fridge, right?