15 Moms Get Real About Being Shamed by Their Mothers-in-Law

As soon as a woman becomes a mom, she basically transforms into a moving target for mountains of unwanted advice and shaming about each of her parenting choices. It's not something we choose to deal with, but unfortunately it comes with the job, and it's not something we can just give up. But while being shamed by strangers is annoying in its own right, there's something even worse about it when it's close family members who are doing the shaming.


For many women, the person at the top of their mom-shaming list is their mother-in-law (MIL). Mothers-in-law can be so frustrating, right? On the one hand, they're family, and they love their daughters-in-law and grandkids, even when it doesn't necessarily seem like it. On the other hand, the passive-aggressive comments and the subtle and not-so-subtle shaming is crazy-making.

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On a totally related note, I live five states away from my own opinionated mother-in-law, and I highly recommend this approach to anyone, because the struggle is real. Since I'm pretty lucky to not get mother-in-law shamed on a regular basis, I decided to give some less fortunate friends a chance to vent about their own mothers-in-law. As long as I agreed not to share their names, they were happy to share the most annoying MIL moments. Misery loves company, so read on for 15 stories of mom shaming.

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