This Mom's Brutally Honest Parenting Cartoons Will Have You Nodding in Solidarity

Nathalie Jomard

honest parenting cartoons
Nathalie Jomard

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but that certainly doesn't mean it's easy. From the minute you find out you're pregnant, there are body changes, mood changes, schedule changes -- oh, and then at the end of it all you assume full responsibility for another human life. French illustrator Nathalie Jomard knows a thing or two about the pitfalls of parenthood, and she's captured the experience in dozens of hilarious cartoons that perfectly sum up the indignities (and totally LOL moments) of #momlife.

  • Many of Jomard's cartoons are captioned in French, but, as we all know, motherhood is a universal language.

    This drawing, which nails the very real pain of trying to find a fitting bra when your pregnancy boobs just won't stop growing, doesn't need any words at all.

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  • The best part of Jomard's cartoons isn't just how creative or well-done they are, but how freaking relatable they prove to be.

    Admit it, sometimes breastfeeding really does feel like a piranha attack.

  • Here's actual footage of every mom who's ever tried to follow advice from a parenting book.

    Not pictured: 12 seconds from now when she says, "Ah, screw it!"

  • There's also the too-real truth about co-sleeping.

  • And an ode to the post-baby mom pooch.

    If you've got it, flaunt it.

  • Here's an actual drawing of every mom trying to use the bathroom.

    Just give us five seconds, please. No, seriously, we're begging you.

  • And this is what happens you leave your cell phone unattended.

    Who knew the goldfish could play Candy Crush?

  • Even the most mundane moments of motherhood can be a struggle.

    Like trying to get your kids to eat, well, anything.

  • But as these cartoons so brilliantly show, we still love every single moment.

    Even the ones when we're rocking pajamas and bed head at school drop-off.

    For more of Nathalie's drawings, you can check out her Facebook page and Instagram.