17 Hilarious Times Mothers-in-Law Were Almost Too Crazy to Handle


All folks have their own personal relationships with their mothers-in-law. If people are lucky, that relationship is full of love, support, and genuine happiness. But for most people, the relationship is probably a lot more complicated. Maybe their MILs are super annoying, maybe they try to insert themselves into the child-rearing too much, and maybe they're just plain weird as heck.


Mothers-in-law are often unfairly made fun of, but it's hard to deny that they also tend to have a monopoly on weird and quirky behaviors. From making everyone wear truly hideous sweaters for widely circulated holiday photos to having a fundamental misunderstanding of how email works, they can be a bit of a mess.

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We love them, we want them to go away, we need them. The relationships we have with our mothers-in-law are usually very messy -- so messy that it can make it very hard to really and truly appreciate them for everything that they do and are.

Most people in the married world could use a little bit of encouragement to help them embrace (and be less annoyed with) their mother in law's ... eccentricities. For people who are having a hard time making peace with this particular extended family member and all of her weirdness, here are 15 hilariously odd and entertaining things other people's mothers-in-law have done.

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