15 Just-for-You Hobbies Even Busy Moms Have Time For

woman gardening

When you're a mom who can barely manage to take a shower on a daily basis and eats most of her meals standing up over the kitchen sink, the idea of having an actual hobby might seem about as realistic as sleeping in on the weekends (remember those days?). But making time to do things that you enjoy isn't selfish or silly.

According to a 2015 study, people who regularly engaged in leisurely activities were happier and less stressed overall, and even had lower heart rates; they also reported increased productivity and creativity. So the benefits of having a hobby are clear -- but what if you've been lost in little kidsville for so long you can't even remember what you like to do?


These 15 easy-to-start hobbies don't take tons of time, money, or effort to help you get inspired. Some of them can even be done at home while your little ones are napping (or indulging in a little screentime!).

1. Wine Club

Instead of getting together with friends for a bottle (or two) at a bar, start a club where members take turns hosting a wine-tasting evening in. Choose a different region for each meeting and have everyone fill out score cards (and bring a dish to share!). 

2. Genealogy

What's been called the second most popular hobby in the US, genealogy is a perfect outlet for curious moms with a knack for research. It's also easier than ever to get started, thanks to websites like Ancestry and LivingDNA. You never know what you'll discover when you do a little digging!

3. Bullet Journaling 

If you're the goal-oriented type who needs her hobbies to be highly functional, consider starting a bullet journal. Part planner, part diary, part to-do list (and even part sketchbook, if that's your thing), these extremely efficient but still creative books are rapidly gaining in popularity with people who have lots to do and an affinity for stationery (ooh, an excuse to use stickers and colored pens!). 

4. Jewelry Making

Secretly dream of opening your own Etsy shop someday? You don't need a ton of supplies (or skills) to start making your own jewelry, and there are countless tutorials on the Internet to help you get started. The best part? You can wear your own designs! 

5. Barre Workouts

You've tried yoga, Pilates, spinning, Zumba ... why not get a leg up (literally) on a newer fitness trend? Barre workouts use basic ballet techniques to tone, tighten, and lengthen -- and there are studios popping up in towns all over the country. (If yours isn't one of them, you can get in on the action at home!)

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6. Improv

Got a gift for making people laugh? Take a class in improv comedy, where you'll not only meet new people and have a blast, but you'll get better at listening, collaborating, and thinking on your feet in the process.

7. Volunteer

Pick a worthy cause that's near and dear to your heart (animal welfare, the environment, literacy, etc.) and spend your free time making a difference. Sign up with a website like VolunteerMatch for help finding opportunities near you.

8. DIY Beauty Products

Avoid spending your kids' college funds in the cosmetics aisle, and start creating your own beauty products -- from hair masks to face cleansers -- at home. Chances are you have all the ingredients to get glowing right in your own kitchen! You can find some great recipes here.

9. Gardening

Whether you've got a spacious yard for planting or live in an urban high-rise, there are plants that are guaranteed to grow in (or outside of) your home. Like cooking? Cultivate a hanging herb garden and never run out of rosemary again! 

10. Book Club

Once you're a mom, finding the time to finish an entire book can seem like mission: impossible. Starting a book club is the perfect way to make reading a priority -- and a fabulous distraction from everyday life!

11. Specialty Baking

Most of us can manage to pull off the occasional batch of cupcakes, but learning how to make bakery-worthy confections with eye-popping decorations is something else entirely. Choose several challenging recipes and/or techniques and vow to master them -- and if sweets aren't your thing, try baking your own bread.

12. Astrology

If you never miss your daily horoscope and have a fascination with "what your sign says about you," there's a lot more to explore when it comes to astrology. Start by getting to know your own personal birth chart, then learn how to do the same for family and friends!

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13. Calligraphy

The fact that we do most of our "writing" these days on keyboards makes the idea of an artfully handwritten letter or invitation especially charming! You don't need much to get started in calligraphy -- just pens, ink, paper, and a few good tutorials (oh, and a steady hand!).

14. "Garage" Band

Perfect for moms who played guitar (or bass, or drums) in their pre-parenthood days -- or even for novices -- starting a band with like-minded amateurs is a great reason to get in gear ... and maybe even perform for family and friends! All you need are instruments, bandmates, and a place to practice (which doesn't HAVE to be a garage, of course). 

15. Knitting 

In case you hadn't noticed, knitting is considered way more hipster than grandma at the moment. That means there's no end of inspiration out there, from easy-to-follow advice to cool yarns and patterns. Some people even swear by knitting's tension-relieving properties! That's an all-around win.

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