A Thank-You to the Man at Target Who Saw What This Mom Really Needed

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Although Target is a glorious mecca for many moms, it's not always because these women are leisurely hitting up the aisles on the lookout for their own needs. Yes, when the perfect item happens to be sitting there, you don't always leave it -- but more times than not, moms are focused on the needs of their family members instead of their own during these Target escapes


This is the mindset that Erin Bennett takes while shopping at Target, and her selfless-mom mode even influences her checkout order. She has the cashier ring up everything that's in her cart for her kids and husband first, and if she hasn't hit her budget, then she will get whatever it is that she grabbed for herself. However, if she's already gone over the allotted amount for that trip, Erin won't buy anything that she needed. 

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During a recent shopping trip at a Gainesville Target, a man standing in line behind Erin noticed that she decided to put back the pumpkin spice candle and makeup she had in her cart, but he didn't know that it was because she had already hit her grocery limit. "You didn't know that I always save my stuff for last and usually end up putting it back," she shared on Love What Matters' Facebook page. "You didn't know that the two fussy kids I had with me were only two out of four."

This man also had no idea that she wanted the candle not because it was seasonal or because she wanted to get in on the pumpkin spice trend, but because she has postpartum depression and uses scent as a way to help boost her mood. "You didn't know that this week has been full of sick kids, parent teacher conferences, emergency dental visits and I was so looking forward to lighting that candle at nap time and just taking a minute to relax," she wrote. "Even without knowing that, you saw me. You saw me as a human, not just the mom in front of you that was distracted and going way too slow."

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All this man did know was what he overheard -- Erin telling the cashier that she wanted to put the candle and makeup back -- and he stepped in, insisting on buying them for her. They weren't the typical parenting essentials, like diapers or formula for a hungry family in need, but he understood the difference they could make for a mom who never puts herself first. "You didn't take no for an answer. You told me I deserved it when I started to tear up," she wrote. "You sir, are the good in the world. You made my day, probably my week, and I WILL pay it forward. Thank you so much for your kind heart and words."

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