13 Too-Real Emoji Texts Only Moms Will Understand

Megan Zander

momx texts
Megan Zander

Moms are busy 24/7, which means we're all about anything that can save us time. This is why we love emojis, those little pictures that let you convey a whole mess of feelings with the click of a single button. When the new iPhone update drops later this month (or now, if you snag the beta version), we'll have even more ways to blast updates on our entire day to our partners and besties. There's even a new breastfeeding emoji coming -- finally! In honor of emojis and all the ways they make our lives easier, here are 13 emoji texts that perfectly sum up #momlife.

  • The peaches were a no-go.

    The high chair will never be fully clean again.

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  • Ovulation test says it's go time!

    Any couple who's struggled to conceive knows: When your body says it's go time -- run, don't walk. 

  • Baby's first checkup? Nailed it.

    I mean, you knew you had the world's best baby, but it was nice to have the doctor confirm it.

  • When cravings strike.

    The bump wants what the bump wants.

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  • Poop-ageddon.

    She's gonna tell you to toss that onesie straight in the trash.

  • I think I'm pregnant!

    When you were in college you got sick together for an entirely different reason.

  • We have a walker!

    That moment when you're thrilled that your baby took his first steps, but also terrified because now he can hatch an escape plan.

  • The baby's finally asleep!

    Now don't anyone make a sound.

  • They're so cute when they're sleeping.

    When they're awake ... that's another story.

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  • The new happy hour.

    You'll bring the milk if she brings the beer.

  • Supermom: midnight edition.

    Sometimes you just have to brag on yourself a bit, so you don't fall asleep mid-feeding.

  • Is it bedtime yet?

    The text you send when it's been one of those days, and you just need someone to tell you that you can make it to lights out.

  • S.O.S.

    When your husband gets hit with a Man Cold, and you don't want to care for him, but you do want to kill him a lil bit.