This Hilarious Photo Series Nails Everything Moms Really Want but Could Never Buy

Danielle Guenther Photography

It's both the title and the subject of an iconic early-2000s movie and a question that has been on many minds for centuries -- and now one genius photo series is hoping to finally tackle the subject: "What Women Want." Hint: It has nothing to do with expensive jewelry or dream dates with Ryan Gosling.

  • Photographer Danielle Guenther got the idea for her "What Women Want" photo series from the ladies in her life.

    "The more I spoke to women about friendships, relationships, and marriage, a lot of interesting topics started to come up," she tells CafeMom.

    Danielle said it was revealing that most women she spoke with placed high value on things that others may have found insignificant. "I found that 'the small things' really went a long way for women, whether it's a girls' night in or your significant other scrubbing the toilet for you, or even cleaning out the gross minivan while you sit back and put your feet up!" she said. 

    The first photo in the series, titled "Heavy on the Errands," is directly drawn from her own experience as a woman when it comes to appreciating the small things. "That image was actually inspired by my childhood when my dad saved the day and ran out in the middle of the night to grab tampons for me," Danielle reveals to CafeMom. "Surprisingly, SO many women have talked about how their girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands have done the same in that situation. I love that! Such a small gesture, but goes a long way."

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  • The "What Women Want" series is full of humor -- something Danielle says is instrumental to conveying her message.

    Ultimately, Danielle says, "This is a humorous series to shed light on the simple things that many women dream about."

    Whether it's taking the initiative to handle unclogging the toilet or caring for the kids while you guzzle down wine, the photographer wants these photos to serve as a reminder that the small things are always worth appreciating. "Life is beautiful, crazy, and can be all too complicated, but if we just focus on the simple things, and appreciate them, it can be pretty amazing!"

  • When it came to actually creating the concepts and backdrops for the photos, Danielle decided to focus on the little things.

    "Once I came up with a concept, I went ahead and found the location, and really started focusing on the details of the image," she explains to CafeMom. For instance, in this photo, the backdrop looks like any typical suburban backyard, and that's what makes the image shine.

  • She even went so far as to put some hidden gems that make looking through each photo especially fun.

    In a photo centered around a fun girls' night, Danielle includes details that make us feel equal parts old and nostalgic in the best ways possible. "'OLD School Girls' Night In' was especially fun," she tells CafeMom. "I wanted to really pull in all of those props we used in the '80s and '90s. Remember the Ouija board? The Zima with the Jolly Ranchers? We had so much fun shooting that scene!"

    This is something that she has done in two of her other popular photo series -- "Best Case Scenario" and "What the BUMP!?." "Some images have a lot of hidden messages in them, which I do often," she said.

  • As for her ultimate goal, Danielle wants her photos to encourage people to laugh and appreciate the women in their lives.

    "As we grow old, it's easy to take things for granted and lose sight of the small gestures we do to support each other," she tells CafeMom

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    As this photo series is a continuing project, she also encourages women to reach out with any thoughts and ideas they may have for future photos. "The series is ongoing and I'd love to hear from ALL WOMEN! I'm always looking for new volunteers to be a part of my series!" 

    You can find Danielle Guenther and more of her beautiful photography on Facebook and on her website.