11 Insanely Creepy Baby Monitor Photos That Will Terrify All Parents

creepy baby monitor pics
BUB-Bringing Up Boys/Facebook

Baby monitors are a great idea in theory. You get some much-needed rest while keeping a watchful eye over your peaceful baby from a distance. But when the exhaustion of 3 a.m. combines with the eerie glow of night vision, your little angel can easily look more like a tiny demon. These moms took one look at the monitor and said, "Honey, it's your turn."

  • 1. He's been waiting for you.

    A trick of the light? Or one second away from a possessed meltdown?

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  • 2. This baby seems really interested by something on the ceiling. Like too interested. Like could be Grandma's spirit coming to visit interested.

    They're not crying, right? I mean, you don't have to go in there?

  • 3. Nope. Nope. Nooooope.

    First, you're grounded. Forever. Second, this was not what I meant when I said you'd bond with your baby brother one day.

  • 4. Hello in there.

    They're awake, and they're coming to eat you.

  • 5. Mom, you look pale, and totally terrifying.

    She looks like she's trying to suck his soul, Sanderson sister–style.

  • 6. Twin with insomnia or astral projection?

    Let's hope it's twins. 

  • 7. That's not the babysitter.

    When there's a creature in the corner of the room watching your child sleep ... and it's not one of his stuffed friends ...

  • 8. Don't mind me, just sitting here plotting how to steal your soul.

    Why do baby monitors make all babies look possessed?

  • 9. Asleep? No. Scary glowing evil eyes? Yes.

    Pretty sure this baby can bend spoons with her mind. 

  • 10. She's watching you.

    That whole demonic possessed doll story is just an urban legend, right? RIGHT?

  • 11. Yup, that baby's totally being controlled by an evil demon.

    Will they still drink milk when they're possessed? Or will only fresh blood do?